Saturday Flash– Snippets, Tidbits, and Gripe

Today’s flash, which is a day late (but I had a migraine that was NOT happy with me being awake), is just a scene that came to me suddenly in the midst of doing something else. It was one of those moments where you just look from one character to another and go… “What the hell are you doing?!” So– for you all. LMAO Enjoy!

Jenn looked from Sabrina to Daniel and back again. “You’ve both gone nuts. You do recognize this one fact, right? Nuts, as in insane, lost your marbles, one card short in a deck, the elevator doesn’t reach the top…”

Sabrina shook her head, sending her long brown hair to whirl out around her face. “You don’t understand, Jenn. It’s not what you think.”

Jenn’s right hand went up to stop Sabrina from speaking again. “Oh, it’s exactly what I think. But what I’m curious is how the hell you got Daniel to agree to it.”

Daniel, their best friend since fourth grade shrugged. “There’s more to it, Jenn. I was doubtful until Sabrina showed me proof. Then I started doing the math…” He paused as he raked his one hand through his curly hair. “As an accountant, it just blew me away. It’s possible. It’s happening, and more importantly, we can stop it.”

Jenn’s hand popped Daniel on the side of the head. “No we can not. No. As in, not even!” How could she get these two off the idea of investigating the company known as Radical Symmetry? She needed to get them to safety, because if they mouthed off to the wrong people– they were dead. Gods above, why on earth did you send me two smart friends? They’re going to get killed, and I’ll be left alone. That just sucks.

Sighing, Jenn clasped her hands in front of her, trying hard not to beat the hell out of her friends. “Listen you two, I love you both. But I need you to DROP THIS. Do you understand?”

Sabrina placed one hand on Jenn’s arm. “We can’t. We’ve already started looking.”

“Fuck. Now I’ve got to bring you in, and Gerry is not going to be pleased with me.”

Daniel’s gaze met Jenn’s. “Who’s Gerry?”

“My boss. The one who is trying to secretly take out Radical Symmetry. You both are now officially targets. Dammit.”