ROW80 Update: Writing and Camp Nano

So, I’ve been writing hard this week. Gods, way too hard it seems. I made my goal of 20k for the month in the first week! Can you believe it?! Go me! My wrists may never forgive me though. LOL I’ve done close to 24k this week alone. I’d have to actually sit and figure it out, but I’m not pulling out my spreadsheet for you. Not until the end of the month. But it’s been a huge week for me. How? I’ve did all this writing, my Marauder book, Call of the Wylde came out, and I finished the book that wouldn’t end– Pirate Queen’s Rebellion. I’m so freaking happy on the last one I can’t see straight. LMAO I know, you’re laughing at me. I don’t blame you on part of that, but work with me here– you have no idea on how long that book has mocked me for not being done. I’m beyond thrilled it’s done, polished and off to my editor. I’ll see it again sooner than later, but at least it’s finished. I”m so beyond grateful for that. I have to be grateful for my Camp Nano people who are urging me forward and joining me on Word Wars for some serious timed writing sessions. Those have spurred me when nothing else could. Trust me, toward the end, I was wanting out and not wanting to write. Well, I wanted to write but my will was like, “Can’t we do this like in another week?” I was tired, sore and cranky. So, getting PQR done in three days was a tremendous success for me.

So, what’s next on my list? I’m going to submit two short pieces to Cleis Press for a couple submission calls they’re doing. They’re intriguing and right up my alley. One of them is almost finished. The second one will take me about a few days to do and polish up, since it’s actually a historical. *gasp* I know! Can you believe it? I’m actually going to do a erotic historical piece! I’m very excited about it though since I’m taking a slightly different take on this piece than what most might expect. This is where my time as a historical researcher comes in so handy. Each story averages between 3-5k, so it’s going to be interesting keeping it short. Especially after the longest story in my life. I’m actually looking forward to the get in, get out aspect of writing these.

Once those are finished, polished and submitted, it’s onto two projects. Basically, I”m continuing the ground work on my mystery series– Lily Merritt Mysteries. I am so thrilled on starting this. I’ve gotten so much done in the background, but there’s so much more I need to do. I’m really trying to make sure I’ve got things set, so that once I start putting down all the character sketches for this book, I won’t be wondering how do they get from Lily’s shop to the police station. I’ll know how far it is and the best way to avoid traffic, etc. Plus, I want to make sure the mapping of the city reflects how I want it set up in the long run. If I need any changes because of the future books, I’d rather plan it now, then go “Oops” later. Thus, extra planning in this stage for setting. I’m really loving this town, the people, and honestly, I like the cozy scene. Granted this might be a bit pushing that envelope slightly– since I do have some cussing, but I’m trying to be good here.  😀

The second book with be another Marauder story, this time Elathan’s tale. His story has been in my mind for a while. I think it’s because I watched the Librarian movies with Noah Wyle. I love the series. I admit it. *grins* Since I’ve been working on this series for a long time, seeing Noah’s character and how it played, I started thinking on Elathan and what he’d do in certain situations. Then suddenly, I started getting ideas on what might happen. After a bit of time, I realized just who how the woman of his soul might come into play. That got me laughing because it wasn’t at all how I originally planned it to be. Needless to say, this story will be fun to write. Which is good, because writing needs to be fun again– something it hadn’t been during my breakdown. Which reminds me, I need to rewatch these movies when I get going on Elathan’s story, just because it’ll give me some fun and enjoyment as well.

What else am I planning? I’m not sure. Depends on how things go. My quarter has barely started and I’ve finished one project, almost completed a second, and have already partially plotted out a third. For me, that’s tremendous progress from a woman who this time last year worried on whether or not she could write at all anymore. I look back at the past couple of months and I’m amazed at what I’ve done with my writing. I’m thrilled and I know I need to keep striving, keep pushing. But most importantly, I need to keep up something– I need to keep indulging in my craft of writing books as well as keeping my creativity well full. It’s what helped me realize how much more I can do. It’s what helped bring back part of my creative spirit.

So, I’ve rocked week one out of the park. The next weeks might not be as big, but they’ll keep me moving. That’s what it’s all about in the long run, you know. Moving forward at a pace that’s right for me. If I can get 3 novels of any size done during this time while still plotting out my mystery novel, I’ll be thrilled beyond compare. So, that’s my challenge to myself. Yes, the short stories count, but they’re extra to me. They’re something to show that I can do something small and worthwhile to bolster myself. For that, I”m beyond grateful for that chance and for my friend who pointed it out to me. Thanks, Dawn. You’re slick and you’re cute when you just “show” me something you’re thinking about doing. You’re good. Damn good.