ROW80- The Miracle of Sleep

This is a weekend of wonder. I’ve been slack on updating so forgive me. But there is just cause. I’ve been working overnights and my mornings are just atrocious before bed. I’m normally catching up on stuff I’ve not caught up during the 2-3 hours in the evening before the nap I take before I go to work. But on the plus side, week one on overnight is a success for the most part. I’ve adjusted fairly quickly and honestly– I like it. I’ve lost weight and the atmosphere is less stressful. I’m not going to say stress-free, but less stressful. My night-time supervisors are great and the floor support rocks. I really do appreciate them this past week. I’ve not needed them as much as I did when I first started, but when I’ve had those calls where things were totally jumbled– they were there to verify I was on the right track. For me, that did more for my knowledge base and feeling secure in my job performance than anything else. The other gift I’ve been given is that I’m almost back to getting between 7-8 hours a day sleep. Granted it’s not all in one shot, but most of it is. For me, that’s magnificent! 

What other joys can I wow you with? I’ve been writing. In fact, I finished round 2 edits for PQR. *does happy dance* That led into doing another 1-2k on my Christmas story, which is growing. Don’t ask– it’s not explainable to me either. Then, while working overnights, I was able to do another 2-3k this week. Some of that was on my mystery novel. *does the happy dance again* This is important to me. Why? Because it’s the first real steps I’ve taken to put the story on paper. I’ve recorded some scenes, but I’ve not transcribed them yet because part of me has been “worried” about rushing the story without having everything settled. But I’ve been working toward this goal for a while now. So, getting the opening chapter has been fantastic. Plus, I’ve got some great secondary characters who make me smile. Happiness all around. 

Now the blog post is the miracle of sleep. I have chronic insomnia. It’s not pretty. I knew coming into this week, I’d have trouble unless I did something. I did- I sacrificed a day of writing with my writing buddies to stay up until I would working, then going to bed– I did this the day before I started my job on overnights. The reason was I needed to start shifting my internal time clock. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve done the up all night thing while writing before. But this would be a daily thing, 5 nights a week, with the weekends off. That takes effort and planning. What I hadn’t counted on was that my daytime hours would be severely curtailed for this week. What time I’m up, I’m writing, playing email catch up and generally trying to keep going. But things are getting accomplished– well except the blog. But I have plans for that! 

As I said, I can write at work, thus, I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll be writing a couple of my blog posts at work each week. That’s actually fine with me and then I can post them when I get home. Even more importantly, it’ll save me the time and stress of wondering what to do and what to write. Plus, I have decided to bring back the Sex Ed with Mistress Cyn series. I actually enjoyed talking about sex and sexuality, but I plan to expand it further by talking about historical sex, sex toys, and other fun things as well. I realized I didn’t have to keep it to just sex itself, but all of sex from the relationship to the act itself to even the historically interesting facts. Once I realized that– it was like a thunderclap of ideas hit me. So, yes, my dears, you get the Mistress back with more fun and inventive things from BDSM to making your own toys to sex slaves in ancient Greece–what were they really about anyway. 

Sleep also reminded me of something else– my ability to learn. I love learning. I need to learn to keep myself sane. Which is why I’ve done something for myself– I signed up at Savvy Authors for some workshops and I’ve actually submitted a workshop. In the future, I’m going to submit more workshops to them for me to do. Because that’s the other thing– I love to teach and share what I know. Plus, it’s fun having class. I’m weird, I know, I know. But roll with me on this one. The more you teach, the more you learn. Plus, it’ll offset nicely with my lovely writing and everything else. I won’t do it constantly, but once a quarter perhaps for a month. It would be a nice way to give back to the writing community that taught me so much and at the same time, make me feel like I’m still around even when I’ve become the night owl. Whooo…. whooo….


Now to do my Sunday update for ROW80. The rest of you can go do something else until my next post. LMAO I’ve done well this week all things considered. Did round 2 edits, wrote over 5k in total this week and managed not to kill anyone or anything. Plus, I am overnights and haven’t gotten sick. This is a bonus. Plus, I am feeling good. I’ve made a couple of adjustments on what to expect from myself coming into September, but that’s part and parcel of getting a new job and the time it took from everything else because it had unusual hours. Now, hopefully with everything else doing well– I’ll be okay and able to do what is necessary. *grins* I’m feeling pretty good. Not great, not stupendous, but decently satisfied with August. Here’s to a better September! Why not, it’s my birthday today and I plan to enjoy it before I have to go to work! LOL 

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  • Wow, you’ve been busy. I feel your enthusiasm and energy though, it’s infectious to me at the moment. I’m stuck in a cycle of pesky fatigue! Kind of the opposite affliction to your insomnia.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day and I do hope this positivity lasts, along with your successes. X


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