ROW80 Update: Goals, Job, and Adapting

Tomorrow I start my new job and I’m nervous. I really am. But at the same time, I know how I am- I worry on things because it’s how I am. Yet, at the same time, I do what I do. I’ll survive this and I’ll move forward in my day job. It’s having to adjust my writing that will be tough. That worries me but I know in time, it’ll be okay. I just need to keep up the faith and writing at least 3-5 days a week doing at least 2-3k each time. If I can do that, then I can accomplish everything I want. It’s a huge leap for me to think this way. And in some ways, it’s the thing that scares me– it’s something I’ve been trying to avoid– giving myself a specific writing amount to try for- but I need to give me something to work for. There are reasons– I have a job and I have my dream job– that as an author. I need to be able to keep things moving forward. 

This is a scary time for me. I’m getting things into a habit and now having my job, I worry on the habit being broken before it’s solidified. But more than that– I’m nervous because my quarterly goals are shifting slightly. I’m working on two stories right now- My Christmas story and one for a publisher I’d like to get into. Then there’s a couple of contests I want to enter. One is closing in– the other I have until October 1st through December 31st to get through the entire process. Honestly, I’m nervous and I’m thrilled. The second contest is one that I’ve dreamed of– it’s a big name fantasy movie that’s wanting a prequel story to be written. For me, it’s a chance at something I’ve dreamed of doing but always thought I wasn’t good enough to do. But you don’t take that risk- you never ever know! So, I’m doing it. So, I’m entering the Dark Crystal Author contest and I’m hoping to do well in it. Yes, there’s money, yes, there’s the fact they own the book. But it’s more than that– it’s the fact I will be known. It’s the fact of doing something I’ve dreamed of doing– writing in a world I love. Whether it’s Star Trek, Star Wars, Dark Crystal– this is special to me. This is something that doesn’t come along often. So, I’m going to give it a try. It can’t hurt, but it can help my writing and my world even more. 

So, my need to adapt begins. I need to finish my other stories so I can focus on the contests. My other contest entry– I have the basics for the story– but I need to update it to my writing that I do now. I write a lot better than I did then. Plus, I can do something about getting into the head of my villain– something that scared me silly then. Then I can also focus on Dark Crystal. This just fills me with a joy and a hope like I’ve never had before. I’m still working on my mystery- I’m not giving it up either. But this feeds those needs within me to go forth and dip my toes in various genres. I am happy with this. I’m happy to try this. 

Adapting is going to take some doing. I’ll have to figure out when to write during my lovely training which lasts until midnight. Maybe for an hour or two once I get home. Then into bed and sleep until it’s time to get up and get moving and grooving. Definitely on the weekends when I know I have the time off. But once my job hours are posted- I will adapt even more then because it’ll be overnight. Plus, I need to figure out how to write while at work. I’m thinking scene cards, my digital recorder and Dragon. It’s going to be a shift, but one I need to do. Whatever it takes– it’s going to be done. Because writing isn’t something I can give up anymore. I’m back on track and I need to keep going. 

ROW80– I’m slower this week, but things are moving. I’m shifting my goals slowly. But my plotting is still going well. Just need to keep writing now. I’ve done at least 1k of writing this week and hoping to get more done as time goes on. We’ll see what I can manage with this job starting. It’s been a crazy week so far.