Camp Nano Happiness and Job Bumps

This week has been crazy. Very crazy. I started work, I decided to enter a contest where honestly, I’m nervous, but I want, no NEED to enter– and my body decided that allergies are the way to handle the stress. On top of this, I finished Camp NaNoWriMo with flying colours! Of everything, I think that’s the one thing I’m most proud of. But I also made some major discoveries along the way. Needless to say– it’s been a long month. LOL 

2013-Participant-Campfire-Facebook-ProfileCamp Nano ended with my making my word count goal. Originally– I aimed for 20k. I made that in day 2 of the month. *grins and bounces* Then I decided that I needed to make 40k. I did that by week 2. Once I hit that, I figured anything over that was gravy train. My final count put me at 55k. Can we say happy is the Cynnie? Yes, yes we can. I needed it. It was the first time I finished a Nano and won. For me, it was simply amazing! People might be like– Oh, well, you could set your own goals for this Nano– so it’s not as important as the one in November. You can kiss my butt. I went from writing maybe 1k every month to writing 55k in one month. That’s HUGE. I developed a writing habit! That’s a big thing to me. I had spent two to three weeks prior writing– slowly developing my writing up to 2-5k a week. It was awesome. But I’m thrilled by this. The last week or so, I’ve slumped but with finding a job and having to deal with sickness– it’s to be expected. But I managed to do some other things. That we’ll talk about next. 

I spent this week  discovering there is a new contest out there for people who love the Dark Crystal movie from the 80s. They’re looking for a writer to write a prequel to the Dark Crystal movie. *blinks and whimpers* It’s 50k. The contest opens officially on October 21st until December 31st, 2013. It’s at Dark Crystal Author Quest. Part of me doesn’t want to talk about it because it’s that competitive spirit. The other part of me wants to because OMG, this is huge to me. I love fantasy, it’s one of the genres I’ve wanted to be published in beside romance, mystery, and sci-fi. So, this contest is a means for me to get that exposure. Yes, I might not win. Yes, I might not come in the top ten. But I can get my ideas and my writing style in front of important people– that alone is important to me. I also realized something else– I want this. I love Jim Henson’s work. The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are two of my favourite movies of all time. (Neverending Story is up there too.) So. I’ve invested and ordered up some of the things I’ll need for reference (I now have reason to have the books I’ve wanted for a while now! LOL) and I’ve been playing with some ideas for a storyline. I’ve been on the community forum. Many of the people are thinking of doing only a couple of chapters, outline and that’s it– since they’ll be asking for revisions. Me– I’m debating on how I want to handle this. Part of me thinks a 10k short story just might be a wonderful way to showcase my talent. Plus, I could easily start writing the longer version without thinking on it. That way, the revisions– which will be correcting what I misunderstand and the usual editing things, won’t be as bothersome for me. So, I’m debating the process as I decide how I want to handle the storyline. Either way– I’m pretty excited on this. 

I’m also planning on doing another contest for my romsuspense story. Well, it’s more thriller with romance in it. The reader will know the killer but not the hero and heroine. But even the reader won’t know exactly who the killer is in the scheme of things. LOL My idea is to try to get the idea before a publisher I know that likes these stories and see what happens. I’m in the “If you don’t try– you won’t know” kind of mood when it comes to my writing right now. It’s all good. In fact, I normally don’t do contests- but these are different in that you get looked at for how you write, what you write and it’s based on your writing style and more. For me– that’s always a plus, whether I’m chosen or not. So, I’m going to give it a try! See– this is me, being brave.  

I started the new “day” job and got a shock on day one. The three weeks of training are going to be compressed into one week. *blinks* Yeah. This should be interesting. Plus, I’ll be dealing with tons of interesting things and can’t have paper or pen at my desk. *gasps* WHAT?! My ADD is now doing the whimpers and shakes. So, it’s time to bring the stress ball to work with me. Because of the different companies my company serves– one of the problems is that if anything is written down and not disposed of properly– that company or any company can come in and pull their contract immediately. Thus– no paper. No pens. Can we say, “Overkill?” I get the need, but at the same time, those with some momentary problems of dyslexia are now having a fit, myself included. We have a program called scratch pad on our computers we can use, but it’s SO not the same thing as being able to write it down. Typing is so easy to transpose things compared to writing it down and “seeing” your handwriting and realizing you’ve transposed. But, I will learn and adapt. My immune system, however, needed this weekend to recover. I slept Saturday away. Basically my body was not thrilled meeting so many people. Nope. Not at all. So, overall, we’ll see what happens over time as I learn my new job. I will say for story ideas– it’s definitely intriguing. There have been ideas popping in the head here and there. LOL 


ROW80 update: I’ve done some plotting for my Christmas story. Did about 1k of writing. Nothing to write home about. *sigh* But I’m hoping once I get my training at work over, get regulated on nights– I’ll get my writing back to speed. Plus, I’m hoping to adopt a divide and sleep schedule. Come home, get some cleaning, cooking, and walking done. Then sleep for a few hours- get up to walk my dog, make my lunch for the night, set out my clothes, go back to bed for a couple hours. Then get up to write, spend time with the male, then head to work. That way, I can get in like an hour or two before work and on my breaks, perhaps deal with my writing then– doing my plotting on index cards, using my digital recorder, or whatever it takes to keep up some kind of writing. I’m trying to see what will work and I know it’s hard when I’m not on that schedule yet– and I had hoped to have a few weeks to work up to this. Now, I’m faced with things shifting before I’m ready. LOL But it’ll be okay. It has to be. My writing will come along since edits are coming. They’re coming before I know it. LOL 

3 thoughts on “Camp Nano Happiness and Job Bumps”

  • *hugs* You. did. AMAZING!!!!

    Going slow and steady with the writing while learning the new job is a good plan. Keeps your stress levels down. I’m so glad you changed the comments thing!

  • Oh, not being able to take notes? Ouch! That would kill me since I remember only about 10% of what I hear. I really do have to ‘write it down’. Hope the compression week passes quickly and that they build lots of repetition. In spite of all these changes, you got 1,000 words done? Very good. Finding a way to keep writing every day — even plotting — will keep you balanced. When I was working full-time, I couldn’t get up earlier. My brain wouldn’t work. But the writing still happened ‘between’ and late at night. I hope you find a good schedule as you ease into the new job.

  • Way to go on Camp NaNo! That’s a huge success! Congratulations.

    Good luck on the very exciting sounding contest and also with all of the adaptations for the new job. Have a great week!

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