Row80– 4th Quarter Plotting

I’m prepping for the last quarter of Row80. I’m also prepping for NaNoWriMo. Notice the panic. Lol. On the plus side, I’m taking two classes to help with Nano. One is a Nano prep class. The second is a class about Scrivener. I’m learning tons in both. These two classes will benefit me in my writing as well.

What else do I plan on doing? Promoting Pirate Queen’s Rebellion. I submitted Trapped In Christmas Bliss, so I’m waiting to hear back on that. I will also work on at least two small projects. I plan to blog regularly and promote regularly as well.

I know my plans are really vague for this round, but I have a new job, a lot of learning for this job(it’s in insurance- major company in US), and the holiday season is coming. This means my writing time will be up and down until the end of the quarter when I’ll be able to settle into a routine easier. Part of my goals include becoming regular in my writing while handling this new job. Finding what the new balance is during training.

Do I have any specifics? Yes. For Nano, I’m completely ripping apart and reworking Goddess Hunted. I needed to do this for years. Now I am. I’m going to work on some flash/shorts. Stories that are 6k or less. Why? To bundle for readers and as a thank you. I’m also working on the plotting tables for certain stories so I can get them into Scrivener and ready to go. Next year I have plans to increase sales, submissions, and to really grow myself as an author.

Those are the goals for the quarter. Subject to change because I’m a bit flaky. Lol.

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  • Ugh, captcha and I don’t get along. I’ll try again after my error code. Please do pass along whatever tidbits you pick up from the NaNo prep class. Last year was my first NaNo. I completed it, but I’m still terrified about this year’s.

    Wishing you all the best in this round and in NaNo!

  • Those classes sound great! Let us know how you like them.

    I think vague goals subject to change can really work out. And it sounds like they’re a good idea for you right now with everything else you have going.

    Good luck! Happy writing!

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