ROW Update

This week is not a bust– but is a holding pattern. LOL I’m doing some plotting notes, I’m waiting for edits. *gasp* And, I’m doing minimal writing. The new job and it’s massive learning takes precedence this week. So, right now, that’s all I got. Hopefully come this weekend, I’ll have better news. LOL Right now– we’re looking at… Blech.

Plus side– we’re learning that Cyn can manage to shift to a nightly schedule after 3-4 days of pain. Not bad. Not bad at all. 😀 Plus at least one day of sleep. The writing is waiting, which is good. I’m hoping that once I feel a bit more comfortable with the new job needs, I can start picking up more of that writing. Right now, the new knowledge is amazingly huge. OMG, I can’t go into details, but let’s just say that my first two days of work resulted into over 10 pages of notes– front and back. Yeah, that kind of knowledge needed to tend customers. It’s good, but intense knowledge.

So for my update– I’m having a midweek slowdown. I’m doing some plotting cards- trying to write when I can. Plus, I’m reading to keep my sanity. This is about it until this weekend when I’ll have edits on PQR. *whimpers*

2 thoughts on “ROW Update”

  • I love the new comment form (maybe it’s not new, but this is the first time I’ve found it working for me, Cynnara). Thank you!

    You’ve got a lot of transitions going on here. The new job sounds busy and emotionally intense. I bet in the long run it will give you new story ideas to work with though. And while it’s not encouraging writing at the moment, you are holding your own and continuing to get things done despite all the new input you have going on.

    Good for you!

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