Ride Me Baby on Sale!

received_10205203500432021 One of my first novellas, Ride Me Baby is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon. I love motorcycles and I enjoy holidays, so why not celebrate by having a sale?

You can click the picture or here to buy the book on Amazon now. 

Blurb: For Charlie “Baby” Simmons, there’s no problem– she won the motorcycle, it’s hers to refurbish for Doc.

For Harley Rex Carmichael, it symbolizes his life and more. He won’t stop at getting Baby to give in to him and give him the bike. When that doesn’t work, he realizes there’s more to the woman than restoring bikes, something that he wants to be part of.

But when it comes between life and risk, they’re both wondering if Harley will ever utter the words, “Ride Me, Baby” one more time for good.

Who knew a bidding war over a bike could cause such problems?