Just Out: Love Games by Cynnara Tregarth

My latest book, Love Games has just been released by Etopia Press! I’m thrilled and honoured to actually get the book out. It’s gone through a lot of work to get it ready and I’ve gone through a lot to get it to that point. I have to say that. I had to learn to work with a new editor, one who had to learn to work with me and I with her. There was a learning of syncing together that wasn’t instantaneous like with other editors as I’ve had in the past. Plus many work days and health issues came to work against us. But we managed to survive it all and bring out something I’m thrilled with! 

Let me mention I adore the cover. ADORE IT! *grins* So this story is a contemporary and it’s one that dabbles not only with online role playing games, but also with night clubs, sexual fantasies, BDSM elements and more. So, if you want a bit of temptation, this book is it!


Where can you find my book? You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and ARe! Not that I’m freaking excited by this or anything. LMAO