When Real Life Gets in the Way

The past couple of months have been very hard. At the end of January, I was going through a hard time emotionally and physically. It wasn’t anything I wanted to share except to close friends. Then I got a call from my fiance, letting me know that we going to lose our jobs at the beginning of March. Not good. Considering we are getting married this year, this wasn’t good. So, since early February, I’ve been job hunting, writing, getting myself healthy and trying not to go insane. Unfortunately, none of these things seem to be easy. The hardest part is the job searching. I wish I could make a living from writing alone, but that’s not always possible. Especially since I rely on health insurance for pesky medical issues I have. So that’s why you’ve seen me rarely online.

I’m hoping to change that. It’s been hard to pull myself out of this funk, but I need to really perk up. Right now, it’s 3am, my sleeping schedule is shot to hell and I write as I can. I still use my Dragon Naturally Speaking and my dictation whenever possible. It helps, but the depression demons are playing fast and loose of late. I guess it’s hard when you realize that though you are willing to be loyal to a huge Fortune 500 company, they’re not willing to be loyal to you. But that’s how it is in this day and age. So I’m learning to move on and do something I should have done a couple years back– renew my certified nursing assistant certification. It’s not hard to do– but it costs money and it can be time consuming. This however has a side bonus– there are jobs out there once I get my certification back. From nursing homes, hospitals to doctors’ offices– there are jobs aplenty for someone with my many years experience. I’ve been spending my time actually boning up on the latest things, including CPR(since I’ll need to get recertified there as well), yet part of me is glad to go back. When I left the field, I was burned out and tired. Now, I can look at it as a means to feather my retirement nest and to protect myself in the future.

How have I been doing writing? I’ve got chapters to transcribe for Pirate Queen’s Rebellion. I’m so happy about this story, I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am about it! More importantly, I can’t wait until I’m done with the story itself, so I can send it to my editor to see if they want the book. Personally, I think it’s my best book to date. I’ve grown as an author and I’ve discovered a depth I didn’t realize I had. There’s more to me than even I realized.  😯

I’m also working on a story for a call put out by Loose Id. They are wanting stories about bosses. I laughed when I first heard about the call, because boss stories are normally not my cup of tea. Yet, at the time, I was thinking of writing a football story– because I am a pro football junkie. For some reason, this year has captivated my attention like none other. So, Selena Illyria, my partner in crime asked me to come up with a story that might fall within the call and yet still be the story I want to tell. Right now, there are 2 working titles, and as I’ve been working on the story itself– it’s coming together rather quickly– research is flying as the NFL draft started tonight. My heroine has finally become fully engaged, the hero has stepped up to the plate and I just freaking adore him. The secondary characters make me laugh and say they might need their own story as well. Which I find funny because the heroine is related to another hero– that from my book, Ride Me Baby. I love this because honestly– it wasn’t planned to happen that way– but as it did– I just settled into it because– I went back into the original RMB book and started editing just recently, layering in the needed material at hand just for that purpose. I LOVE IT! *grins* But more importantly for me– I’m writing a story that no matter what– I will want to put out. I love football, I want to tell a football story where the heroine is an integral part of the NFL, and to me– it’s about time. If you know anything about football, you might know about Dawn Aponte who works for the Miami Dolphins. She’s actually one of my inspirations for this story and truly someone I’d love to see as the first female GM in the NFL.

What else is going on? I’m working on Killer Queen still. It got pushed to one side, but it’s okay. I needed to work out a few details, yet while doing that, I discovered a subplot that will actually make things better in the long run for the story. Go me! I also have another story idea that is a f/f story. I don’t know where I’ll be pitching that– but if LI will let me put it into the Games Empaths Play universe– I know exactly how that will play out. 😀 Plus, I’m making further groundwork on Beg for the P3 universe. It’s slower than I hoped– but I think it’s better than I had originally hoped for. Which is good. Better to be slow, but give a better product. For me, that’s more important right now.

So there you have it– the latest update on my writing, my daytime life or lack thereof. The major problem with all the stress is that my sleep patterns are off badly. It means I am up late, sleep late. Plus the allergy season here in Florida is playing havoc with my sinuses. I’d give anything for one month of no allergens. It would be so wonderful to be allergy free for one month. *sigh* Maybe once I get a job, that too will resolve itself. We can only hope. LOL