Prepping for Camp Nano

2014-Participant-Facebook-ProfileWhat do you do when you’re prepping for Camp? You make a list, check it like five million times, and try not to freak out. Yeah, that’s about it. LOL Beyond that, you also learn to triple check everything you plan because you know whatever you plan to do will not be what you really end up doing. Thus, why I’m taking the last couple of days of March to make backup plans. Why? Because I live in Cynnie-verse where nothing goes how it should. Let me explain how this works. 


I plan on working on my dog story. I realized there was a slight disconnect in the romance part of the story 307802_389987597763570_1267926046_nfrom the mystery/thriller part of it. Why? Because we know that my mystery/thriller roots are coming forefront right now, so those are on the gushing part of my writing brain. Thus, the romance part of me is not there on the uptake– thus it’s not being as proactive as it normally is. So what does this mean for my story? It means the hearts and joy that is my dog show romance needs work.  Right now, I’m working on figuring how the conflict of the story can be developed around the aspects of what’s there already and bring them together and force them apart without throwing the book against a wall a few times. Oh the joy of it all. This is because somehow, somewhere, my writing has decided to take a turn and blossom. I’m not saying this is a bad thing– it isn’t, but it does mean learning how to adjust for this new growth. bangdesk


So that’s what I’m doing– prepping. Doing some working– filling out worksheets, talking to author friends, trying to get ready for April 1st, where I’ll be screaming and whimpering at the same time. It’ll be awesome. You too can have this fun by joining in. Click on the Camp NanoWriMo link above and join in! Just think on the joy you can have by not just writing, but sharing the joy of encouraging the crazy in you! I know it sounds like I’m being cranky and part of me is– I’m coming to terms with a new growth spurt which comes at the craziest time. But honestly– it’s one of the best times to learn to deal with it– when you learn to just write and go with the flow. Camp Nano lets you set your own pace and pick your own word count. For me, that’s 20,000 words of joy. I can do it– and you can too.