Pirate Queen’s Rebellion– It’s Out!

It’s out! It’s out! I’m so excited! I cannot stand it! I’ve gone and giggled, pointed, and jumped up and down! Pirate Queen’s Rebellion is out! I couldn’t be more thrilled right now. It means the world to me to have this book out. I’ve worked so hard for so long and finally it’s here. More importantly, this book is part of my heart, part of my soul. It’s also part of my thank you for my male– to thank him for standing by me while I relearned how to write again. To thank him for sharing his secret fantasies and listening to mine. For letting me take one of his and making it my own. Because the heart of this story is actually his.  😉


CynnaraTregarth_PirateQueen'sRebellion_coverlgThat’s right, the original version of this story is his. His was set during the time of pirates and on the ocean. It was a glorious time. But he also had one scene to this story of his. He didn’t even really have a full story. Just one glorious sex fantasy set in that time period he wanted to enjoy. Which I honestly wanted to give him. But anyone who knows me, knows I don’t write historicals. *looks at Dawn Montgomery and narrows gaze* (Don’t go there, Dawn. No. LOL) So, I started thinking about my love of another pirate- the space pirate. Suddenly, this story was born. That said, my male’s original scene is in the book– though slightly revamped. Will I reveal which scene is his? Nope. Not my job. But I am grateful for his love, support, and trust to help make his fantasy come to life in another format that everyone can enjoy. 

I’m thrilled that Loose Id has put the book out not only on their website but also on Amazon. Soon it’ll be available on B&N and ARe as well. It’ll be fantastic once it is. For me, it means more readers can enjoy this story and I can truly showcase the fact– Cynnara can write long and short. It’s been a long time since I’ve written so long, so it was neat to have it happen. Will I ever go back into this world again? I won’t say no. There are other stories to be told, including that of Lady Alexa’s parents. Plus, there are some other questions to be answered.  


ROW80 Update: I’ve been crazy this week, but I am working on my Easter proposal I have to revise. I had to withdraw from a competition I was in, but it happens.

ROW80LogocopyThis takes precedence. I’m also working on my Christmas story. Those are my most important things right now. I have to do what’s right for me and my health. Thank you all of you who weighed in on this. It truly helped a lot. It did. Thanks!