Personal– My computer in its new home

Well, it’s official, the laptop is now my sister’s and I’ve got my computer up and running at my new home. Granted I’ve not gotten ALL of my stuff out yet, but at least the computer with the 22″ screen is now in my new place with my male and I. I’ve got to admit, it’s nice to look at the big screen again.

LMAO I spent over 7 hours on the laptop getting my stuff off of it and making sure to make it internet ready for the old homestead. So, I went there, set it up and…. it didn’t want to go online. So once again, I worked my magick and the power of knowing how the laptop likes to be fussy– and fixed it. I also managed to pack about 1/8 of my books, wheel and deal with my sister a bit on some stuff and get her help on using her big vehicle to help transfer the bookshelves when it’s time.

Can we say– I’m exhausted? Between packing, unpacking, coughing, taking the extra meds for my respiratory infection and more– I’m SO in need of a nap. Doesn’t look like it’ll happen before 10pm tonight though.