Personal: Birthday

I hope everyone had a happy Labour Day. Not only was it a US holiday, it was also my birthday. I managed to sleep in, do a personal magick ritual for myself, and my male brought me to his place for the day. *grins* He cooked for me, cleaned, and then took me out for my walk. I’ve not told him yet about my left heel being a bother(I know what it is, but the description defies me right now–it’s a little piece of calcium that keeps hooking onto the muscle, causing pain when I flex my foot.)

This was also my first birthday without mom. It was tougher than I thought it’d be. Of course, my dad didn’t call either, but then again, I hadn’t expected him to. Mom and I had a unique way of celebrating my birthday at various times. Whenever I turned an age with a -0 or a -5 at the end, she’d call me when I was born (4:34am) and remind me of what she’d been through. Whenever my birthday landed on Labour Day (Which was the day I was born on), she’d call and harass me as well. It was our thing, since our birthdays were only 8 days apart. So, this year was a bit lonely without that teasing phone call. I do miss my mom badly. The longer it’s been, the more I realize how much I miss her in my life.

But mom wouldn’t want me to dwell on that aspect. So, I’ve celebrated and figured that in the scheme of things, my birthday, and the day off afterward(YAY for another day off!) definitely goes into a good day for all, thinking. I know I missed my Pagan post, but I’ll be putting that one up shortly.