Pagan- New House Blessing

Though this blessing is designated for when you move into a new home, you can also alter it for use on a regular basis to keep your home blessed as a place of peace and serenity. For me, this is the perfect time because I’m moving right now into a new place. So, today, as I’ve just got the first of my bigger items in, I’ve also brought my ritual kit with me as well.

What goes into a house blessing? Asking for peace and serenity from the powers that be. To make your home a refuge against those things that would wish you harm. To keep those who live there happy and healthy. It’s also a way of protecting the home as well. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep vigilant or take care of yourself, but it does help provide that extra dose of help that sometimes we all need. 

First, take a few pennies and clean them with salt water. Rinse them and pat them dry. While you do this, think about how you want your place to be. Envision it becoming that place of peace and joy. See it in your mind and heart as being a place you love having people over because it’s that place where people want to come over and relax– that your place is known to be the best place to feel safe and sound. Once you’ve done that, light two candles, one for the gods and one representing your home. Call upon the Elements and the gods to witness and bring their blessings of good wishes for your new place (if you’re renewing the blessing- ask them to continue showering blessings upon it). 

Place the pennies before the house candle. Line them up in correspondence to north, east, south, west. As you place each one around the candle, recite, “These markers are reminders, boundaries against those things that would do us harm. We will have peace and happiness in this house. Just as they block out the bad, they let in the good.” Repeat this for each penny. 

Allow the power of the moment to fill you and when you feel the power of protection surrounding and enveloping the pennies, take them one by one and place them in the four corners of your home that correspond. What this does is mark the boundary of your home and it puts the protection and blessing into play. After the last penny is in place, thank the gods and the Elements for their help and blessings on your new home. Release them with your thanks and with offering. (I normally have some oil and birdseed I put outside to offer nature at that point.) Blow out the candles, and place your items away. 

I often recharge my home protection every 4-6 months. It’s also a good way of “spring” cleaning, regardless of the time of year and allowing you a chance to clear out any negativity or bad things that might’ve been slowly getting past your boundaries.