Pagan Musings- Prepping for the Holidays

My favourite holidays are Samhain and Beltane. I make no bones about it. But the holiday that I find myself always looking at and smiling is Lughnasadh. Why? Because it’s a cultivation holiday. We’re not enjoying the first fruits and vegetables of the season, but we’re in the height of plenty. We;’re enjoying the warm weather, gearing up for school time that’s coming, and thinking ahead to the fall season. Because of that, it’s one of those holidays that can be easily forgotten.

But how do you prep for a holiday when you have no time? Honestly, there’s a few things I found that help. And I’m going to share them. Go to the closet where you have old sheets and picnic tablecloths. Find the ones that look most summery and cheering. Put it on your kitchen table. With that, put some candles across the table in various small cups, tins, even seashells. Why? We’re celebrating that bounty of the land– in all its forms.

Next– go through your family collection of recipes and find your old standby ones. You know, the ones you make when you’re low on food, yet wanting something comforting and enjoyable. Figure which ones are right for the weather you’re experiencing and starting today, make one dish a day until Friday. Freeze half of what you make. Why? Because you’re going to eat some for now– because we must feed the family, but also to have a mixed variety of goodies for Lammas.

This holiday is a bounty– thus why I always make extra the days before the party. By doing this, I cut down on the cooking I’ve got to do the day of. It also allows everyone to have a smidgen of this, a taste of that, and “Cyn, did you make your dense brownies with peanut butter frosting?” The holiday is about enjoying togetherness, thanking Mother Earth for her blessings and showing that all things come from simplicity.

You might not be prepared for a huge celebration, like Samhain or Beltane, but make this holiday a small, but significant time by just doing as you do daily, just upping the ante by half. In that way, you’ll find that you’ve decorated, you’ve cooked, and you’ve got time to enjoy your family without any pain whatsoever.