Pagan: Mabon is coming

Mabon this year is going to be hard. Just like the other holidays, this will be my first without my mom. But this holiday is my mom’s and I holiday. We have always bonded over 2 things- food and jewelry. History, too–but not as much. For us, there was nothing like making food together or learning how to make some of our favourites while she talked about growing up.

Mabon is the harvest before the dark half of the year sets in. It’s the time when we thank Mother Earth for her bounty and prepare for cold weather. (Or in the case of my Aussie friend, Maggie Nash– summertime!) It’s the time when you begin to clear out the things you won’t need, putting them away and allowing yourself to enjoy the last of the blossoms of late blooming vegetation.

I always have an altar at Mabon. One of my favourites. I have orange, red, green, brown, and yellow candles. I also place items representing the elements on it as well. Over the years, I’ve begun collecting replicas of real veggies and fruits so as not to attract insects. (Living in Florida will make you learn to be more cautious.) I try to create a cornucopia for the main piece of the altar, with the candles around it. I also place a small bowl of water, a feather, and stones that are linked to fire as other symbols. Every day, I pull one tarot card for my daily reading and place it before the altar.

Just remember, Mabon is a time of Thanksgiving. Just like the US celebrates it in November, most of us who are earth oriented celebrate at this time. It’s a special time- where light and dark are mostly equal, and that we can enjoy those last harvests before winter comes.

Hopefully in a day or two, I’ll post some of my favourite recipes for Mabon, including my super easy apple butter recipe. Once you make it the first time, you’ll be addicted to it.