Pagan- Centering Self

Today, I realize is a nationa holiday here in the US, and the day before history is made with President-elect Obama becoming President. However, it’s even more important because of these emotional events to be centered in ourselves.

Becoming centered, being a calm in the storm isn’t easy. It’s hard to settle our minds when we’re always told to think, act, and be working things out in our mind. But there comes a time when you need to reground yourself to the elements. 

How can we do it and do it in minimal time? There are a couple of ways. 

First- go into a room where there is no noise at all. Sit quietly, concentrating on your breathing. Inhale deeply, counting to four. Then exhale, counting to four. With each inhalation feel the swirls of emotion, thought and the sensation to rush be balled together. Exhaling allows you to release it back to the elements. As you focus on your breathing, every time you inhale and exhale, your focus becomes on the moment, recentering you beyond the hustle and bustle. 

Second- light a candle, allowing your vision to be filled with the flame as you watch it intently. Notice it flicker, moving, becoming brighter and smaller. Allow your senses to take in the flame- the heat emanating from it, the sounds it makes as it burns the air, the way the wax smells as it melts. Concentrate on the candle flame to the nth degree. When you step back, you’ll feel recentered, at peace with yourself. 

Third- This is one of my favourite things to do when I get overwhelmed and need to recenter. I go into a quiet room. I lay down on the bed or even sit in the most comfy chair. I close my eyes and quietly count backwards from 100 to 1. If I stop and hesitate, I start again. I continue to do this until I reach 1 or until I feel so relaxed,  I’m ready to go out and face the world. 


Centering is something we should all be doing- regardless of our religious beliefs. Why? Centering reminds us that we choose to do things, not just react with what’s being done to us. This is a time of high excitement for most US citizens. But we don’t want to forget the important things, so we must be centered to do our part in this historic moment.