The Marauders is a series conceived a long time ago, in a galaxy…*pause* Oops, wrong story. No, actually the Marauders stemmed from role-playing as a teenager with some friends. We had been talking about the lack of info at the time on the Druid Class and also about the Marvel Superheroes RPG. We talked a bit and hit upon an idea which over time and retuning, became the Marauder series. When one of my former publishers needed a vampire story and needed it now, she asked about the Marauders who at the time only had a short story to introduce them. Suddenly, the series fell into place and now, after significant revision and additions, the books will soon again be available.


About the Marauders

Wrongly cursed by their patron goddess, Morrigu, nine Druid brothers must fight the forces of evil for eternity. Having lost all hope for redemption with the destruction of the sacred tribe known as the Daughters of Morrigu, they use their new inhuman cursed gifts to be the protectors of the ancient laws.

Unbeknownst to them, two girl twins escaped the destruction, carrying on the traditions of their goddess. Now, in our time, the chance for love and redemption has come home to the men known as the Marauders. Can these women love the men who are not only ancient, but also not quite human?

The conditions to be released from their curse are: 1) Their love is true love like that of soulmates. 2) That the women accept the truth about the men and their curses. 3) That the men accept and acknowledge that the women’s abilities are complimentary to their own and they are equals. 4) The women must bear the mark of Morrigu.

Because the men hear of the village being slaughtered, they feel they’re doomed for all eternity from being released from their curse. Due to their preternatural nature, they decide to name themselves The Marauders and begin to a collective effort to stamp out imbalance as evil begins its quest to overtake mankind.

The Nine Druids, not in any particular order, are:

1)   Cuin- Ovate and now a Werewolf. He has powers of feral behavior as well as having an innate ability to talk to animals.

2) Niam- Brehon and Vampire. One of the oldest, the others seek his words of wisdom. He can read deep thoughts and emotions but can be overwhelmed by them as well.

3) Miach- Bard and Wraith Walker. Only able to take corporeal form during daytime hours, he is Professor of history. At night, he can phase through any solid object just as a ghost might. His voice has the power of the Siren.

4) Cadrus- Bard and Vampire. He thrives off of the emotional and psychic energy of others. Because of this, he’s very much into extreme sports and goes to tourneys in order to feed.

5) Dylan- Ovate and Were-eagle. His sharp senses and his sense of justice help him in his role as private investigator of missing persons.

6) Finn- Brehon and Were-leopard. Used to making decisions, he’s a rich, eccentric entrepreneur. It allows him the freedom to move about and help others who might be taken in by frauds.

7) Owain- Ovate and Vampire. He’s a medical doctor who specializes in genetic research. He’s known to go on anthropological missions in order to find ways to cure mysterious illnesses.

8) Donal- Bard and Wraith Walker. He owns a computer security firm. This allows him to help in conjunction with his brothers.

9) Elathan- Brehon and Wraith Walker. He is the twin of Finn. He’s a renowned Celtic historian, sought worldwide for his knowledge and skill.