Djinn Delight

Djinn Delight

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Find a genie and make three wishes. It’s the thing fairy tales are made of. But for Mayri Balhan, it’s just become a reality.

Mayri’s about to lose her store when a mysterious medallion brings forth a Djinn. He’ll grant her hearts desire, but this Djinn, Sebastian– Chakera of Sexuality– has his own demands. He’s more than willing to help her save her store, but in return, she must be his sex slave for five nights. It’s not exactly a chore. The man is gorgeous, and sexy, and incredibly talented.

Sebastian, Bast, is searching for the One meant to be his heart and soul. Though Mayri has the medallion linking the world of Djinn to the mortal world, Bast knows that she might be the link only, and not the One.

When Mayri starts to fall for him, she’ll have to prove there’s more to life than sex to show him the gift of love.



Mayri Balhan struggled with the door to her shop, tears blinding her. She was a month away from losing her business. Dammit, it’s not fair. I’ve worked hard for this place, and now I might lose it on a damn whim. She pushed back her hair as she used her key to lock the door.


Turning, she almost stumbled over the small package. Mayri bent down and scooped up the plainly wrapped box, her charm bracelet grazing the surface of the plain paper wrapping. As she stared at it, she noticed it was addressed to her, but with no return address. “Wonder who this is from?”


Tucking it securely into her brown suede attaché, Mayri walked the mile from downtown Silver Springs to her home. There had to be a way to save her business, but she wasn’t sure how to find the needed money. If she couldn’t come up with the money to buy the building, then she would lose her shop, as there was no place downtown where she could afford rent. The thoughts of what lay before her plagued her steps as she made her way home.


Her house on Silver Springs Road was one of the original farmhouses that had helped start the tiny community outside of Tampa, Florida. Approaching the white and gray home, Mayri got out her keys and swiftly unlocked the door. The living room was comfortable by anyone’s standards, with soft gray Berber carpet and the pale off-white walls. The paintings hung around the room were of various fantasy scenes, as Mayri was a lover of fantasy, just as her store, Fantastical Journeys, proclaimed. Her home was her retreat from the cruel world that would steal her livelihood and her dreams.


Removing the package from her briefcase, Mayri tossed it against the end table as she sank into the midnight-blue sofa. Carefully she looked for any kind of evidence as to who would have sent her the package, but there was no postmark. Curious, Mayri cautiously peeled open the wrapping, finally getting to the small white box that lay inside.


Lifting off the cover, she saw a silver pendant lying on a bed of fluffy white cotton. Tracing the design with her fingernail, she could make out the symbol of the phoenix and a sword. The other symbol was foreign to her, but looked similar to an Egyptian hieroglyph that meant ‘beloved.’ She would have to check it against her books on glyphs. Gently, she cradled the pendant in the palm of her hand. “You’re so beautiful. I wonder who would send me such an exquisite gift.”


Inside the box was a scrap of paper, neatly folded. In cursive script was written, “For you, Mayri, in your time of need. When you’re done, you’ll know what to do.”


Clasping it between her hands, Mayri raised it to her lips and kissed the pendant, the silver chain sliding through her fingers. “Thank you, whoever you are. I wish there were some way to save my shop and know what I’m supposed to do with this pendant.”


A rumbling noise and a flash of blackness caused Mayri to jump. “What the hell?!” she exclaimed as the pendant became warm to the touch. She tossed it from her and huddled in the corner of the couch.


From the pendant emerged a tall, dark-haired male. As he formed before her, Mayri whispered, “This is like Aladdin and the Forty Thieves.”


Mayri looked at him from head to toe. This was like no genie in any of the fairytales she’d ever read. He stood at least six foot three, and his form was as fine as that Aussie swimmer, Ian Thorpe, she drooled over regularly. Then there was his blue-black hair, long and wavy. Her mouth went dry as she slid her gaze down the bare chest with the muscles lightly defined but infinitely edible.


His deep silver eyes were filled with merriment. Mayri hadn’t merely wished for help; she’d managed to conjure up a man who would make a woman cry for release. A light trail of hair arrowed down his flat abdomen and disappeared beneath the low-slung waistband of his blue silk pants. Mayri noted the long length of his legs and avoided looking at his crotch — if it was half as magnificent as the rest of him, she was afraid she’d say something before thinking on it. Even his bare feet were sexy, and Mayri was not a foot person.


“Enjoying what you see, princess?” His voice was a low baritone, filled with sex and sinful nights.


“I’m not a princess.” Mayri’s gaze jerked back to the face with the aquiline nose and those bedroom eyes that made unspoken promises of ecstasy.


“Only a princess can call me forth; thus, you are a princess.”


“My name means ‘princess.’ I’m called Mayri. What’s your name, genie?”


“I’m djinn, not the lower-caste genie. You may call me Sebastian.”


Mayri whispered under her breath, “Is that Greek for ‘god of sex’?”


Sebastian tipped his head back and chuckled. “No, dear Mayri. But you may wish for reprieve from Priapus once you must pay the price for my services.”


Mayri stood up and poked Sebastian in the chest. “Wait a minute. That’s not how it works. I’m supposed to be granted three wishes free of charge.”


Sebastian’s dark brow lifted. “I’m not a genie. I’m djinn. We expect payment for services rendered. You do realize that I’m more powerful than any genie?”


Mayri crossed her arms and glared at the djinn. “I’m sorry, do you really think you can con me out of my three wishes, and payment? Just so you know, I do comprehend who Priapus is. Trust me, there’s no way I’ll beg the god with the big cock for a break from you.”


Sebastian’s laughter rolled over her like waves of velvet. “Oh, gods, a woman with a sense of humour. You’ve yet to hear the price for me saving your beloved shop. You know nothing of the djinn, do you?”


He whispered words in an unfamiliar tongue and a small scroll appeared. With a feral grin, Sebastian handed it to her. “You need to read this first. Then we’ll negotiate the terms of your surrender.”


Mayri blinked. He so did not say we’ll be negotiating terms of surrender. Who the hell does he think he is? Grabbing the scroll, she unrolled it and began reading.