Organization for Writing

il_570xN.693734610_3xmmI spent the weekend of New Years reorganizing. I also spent time getting my writing in order. It was well spent, but it also reminded me that though I’m normally an organized person, I have spent the past year completely a wreck. Unacceptable any longer. I need to make sure I’m back on track. Which is why when my lovely new planner arrives, I’ll be marking that baby up with pretty markers, pens, and stickers. (Notice the bouncing of glee over here. Just ignore the kid reaction, focus on the organizational skills.)

On top of that, I’ve gotten my apps in order for my daily things- I got my Acalendar+ updated with my work schedule as well as found KanBan Flow. I think it will work well with giving me structure without feeling overwhelmed. Right now, I need that the most. I showed it to a friend of mine, who is now officially in love with KanBan. I’ve known of it for years, but had let it slip by the wayside. Now, I’m going to restart using it as it’s an effective way to manage time- think of it as Pomodoro for task management.

I took time to organize the house more. Flylady and I are reintroducing ourselves once again. I have been a Flybaby on and off for years, but depending on circumstances, I slip and fall. With this new place and such, I think it’s time to fly again and make it work. Especially with the other changes coming about too.

logo1.jpgLoose Id put together a call for readers to send in their favourite ideas for summer tropes so we authors can write for the readers this year. It’s an intriguing idea to say the least. I’ve decided this year that I’ll be focusing on at least one to two submissions for LI. They deserve it and so do I. So, I’ve pulled out my most likely stories and will be reworking them so they’ll be ready to submit. Gods, I love when plans start coming together. It would be awesome to have multiple stories accepted so I just need editing, covers and more for them. It would then be planning and plotting my promotion.

For my self publishing, I’m planning on at least one book, if not more. I might even do a couple of riskier stories, though I’m debating on using a pen name for them. We’ll see how that goes, especially since I’m definitely going to be reaching out this year in genres. It’s a decision that’s come time and I’m no longer holding back. I held back for too long, thinking I’m not good enough, not strong enough, but I have the skills, it’s time to use them.

1077542_10152335726561677_2006056145_oThe big thing now is to organize notes, reference them for dictation and transcription purposes. I’ve been looking into and some others. Though I hate spending money early, I’m liking the idea that when I’m not using Dragon for my typing, having someone else transcribe my dictation would keep me ahead of pace for all things. I need to spend more time training Dragon in the next couple of weeks so it is truly able to transcribe as well. I might need to invest in a better digital recorder. That might also make a difference.

Those are my plans from this weekend, that and all the research I’ve done with planners, cleaning up my website, looking at having a store here to sell my ebooks, and more. Yeah, I’ve been a busy little author the past three days or so and it’s been a bit overwhelming. But I think it’s good. I’m blogging, I’m posting on Patreon, it’s time to move forward again. I’m ready now.