Oh No It’s Sunday!

You have to be here to understand the horror inherent in the title. I worked 6 days in a row for the day job. *sigh* Worse, and I say worse is the fact that I wasn’t supposed to do so. But then they turned the tables on us. Yes, the joys and thrills of it all. Because my shift became technically “split” between one day and the next– they decided– you can do this because on Friday night– your hours are split between one work week and the next. (Our week starts on Saturday at midnight through Friday at 11:59 pm.) You may scream with me at any time. But it is what it is. There’s got to be a cut off and I got caught in the middle. So gone were the midnight shifts– now I’m in for 10:30 pm. You’d think it would be easier– but it’s not. It’s actually harder. You lose more sleep because of how much time you tend to lose once you’re home having to get stuff done but nothing is really open, so you have to wait. Whereas before– you got out at 8:30 am, things were open and waiting for you. Yeah, Ugh.   Being the wonderful person I am, I’m not going to pout beyond this. At least that’s the plan. So, my cool writing buddy buys me this neat gift– The Naked Truth about Self Publishing done by The Indie Voice group. So, of course, instead of writing– I’m doing administration work. Work I’ve put off for months because I figured– I’ll write, I’ll get more done, then when I’ve got some money and some extra time, I’ll get the other stuff going– like my newsletter, like putting together some boxed sets of my self pub books, some ideas of joint author promotions, etc. Stuff that I could have been doing to help other authors and myself, but yeah– my brain had taken off to Tahiti without me. Now, I’m like– dammit, I should be doing this, this and that. I’m forcing myself to slow down, go simple. So, the first thing I did was sign up for the newsletter service to help me get that in place. I put the plugin on my website. I’ve even posted the newsletter thing on my twitter account and on FB. All good. This is a good first step. Go me. You think I’m joking on patting myself on the back. Me and newsletters have a rocky relationship. I used to enjoy doing them until I didn’t. It’s one of those things– coming up with something new and cool to talk about- kind of like blogs. I’ve found out, you can do a newsletter blog moment, use it for your newsletter and do it that way too. How freaking awesome! So, yes, there are alternatives that might keep me sane. Sane is good for the Cyn. VERY GOOD.  Then my mind went to the whole idea on boxed sets, the cover art I own, etc. So, now I’m thinking on how to effectively use it for promotion and more. You’d think this would have hit me before now. Normally, it would have– but this year has been anything but normal. This was the year I lost my job, was supposed to be married (we’re hoping for next year now!), found a new job, then lost that account so I’m going to another new job within that company, finished the longest book ever, got two short stories completed, working on the Christmas novel that’s ever so delicious and evil at the same time– and yes– suddenly, it seems reasonable why I couldn’t see straight. Especially factoring in that I managed to do two self pubbed books in this year as well. Plus, I helped edit a couple of things for people, did some critiquing…..*fades off thinking* Yeah. We won’t talk about the delving into the craft itself and those reading books. I needed that to keep sane.  So, I’m considering how I can do better and move forward as a hybrid author. That’s how they defined me– and I like it. I’m a hybrid. I have self published books out there and I work for publishers. I love both worlds and I’m not necessarily trading one for another. There’s a sense of balance for me which was missing before. I like being able to offer my old books to readers who are new to me without worry. I also like knowing if I have stories that don’t appeal to my publishers– I can put them out myself. Yet, I also love that I can go to my publishers with new material and let them go through the hard work instead of me- especially since I work full-time as well. That’s the balance key for me. How many books do I want to self publish each year– how many do I want my publishers to do for me? That balance will work with my writing schedule and what I’ve got in my backstock. *grins* Oh, I’ve got backstock, baby. It needs editing, revision and more, but once that’s done– who knows what can come of it all!    ROW80LogocopySo, now I’m on ROW80 update! *does dance* It’s not much but it’s not little either. I’ve done blogs this week. I’ve been doing major revamping of things– like putting a newsletter together. I’ve been putting some research together. I even have the beginnings of a story. More important, I have put together what I’m going to do for Nano. *nod* That’s been finalized. I signed up for a Nano workshop to help me prime myself for that. *whimpers* Plus, I’ve done something to myself– I’ve made myself pledge to good health from this month forward. My mom died of lung cancer. I’ve never smoked, but I have dealt with a close call 2 years ago. I’ve got to have a check up next year to make sure my pre-cancer doesn’t turn cancerous. The odds are such that my doctor thinks it’s unlikely– but then again, like he pointed out– when it comes to this kind of cancer, it does weird things to women who’ve had hysterectomies, whether total or partial. So, I’m watching what I eat, I’m drinking more water, I’m taking more time for sleep, I’m also trying to stress less– something I rock so completely at– it’s dizzying. Stress and me– it’s like a symbiotic relationship from Hades times a thousand. Which is why I need to make sure I go slow. I will be doing the next ROW80. I might miss a post here and there– but it’s because sometimes, I might only be able to post once a week, not always twice– depending on how things are running. But my goal is to write. Later today– I’m writing my Christmas story– I need to get the killer caught and the hero and heroine in the holo-room having hot Christmas sex before I go nuts. Then I can be happy. Plus, I need to put my promotion plans for PQR into action. *sigh* Stuff– lots of stuff. But you see– you all have helped me– one step at a time. Just take it easy. And I will. 

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