November– Month of Change

This month has been one of change for me- I’ve been writing– not a lot more than I thought– but I’ve been forced to be more creative. Then we ended up rescuing a cute little puppy who about broke my heart when I had to take her to the shelter after a week. But that’s because we honestly couldn’t do anymore for her and she was honestly just a bit too young for us to keep her. But she brought an extra bit of thankfulness and the reminder of charity into my life– something that needs reminding of every so often. That sometimes– we have to honestly put others before ourselves– not because of their needs– but because they just don’t have anything and we have what looks like abundant riches– even if it’s not. So, for a week– we got extra love, Shango learned how to be a big brother puppy, and we learned to appreciate all the things that rescue organizations do to save those animals out there who are abandoned, neglected and hurt in some way. Let’s just say– I have plans for some of my writing money to make sure some of those puppies are taken care of while they wait for their new homes. A lesson well learned– and one I needed in my writing as well. 

I know the month isn’t over with yet, but I’ve changed so much. Coming to terms with some problems I had– perceptions of myself that I needed to shift. I’m glad actually– because I’ve found some peace that I hadn’t had before. There have been other problems that popped up– things with family and friends, but those get handled as they need be. Sometimes I realize my friends are as close as family and probably wonder how weird it is that their kids have an Aunt Cynnie, but hey, it is what it is. LMAO However, I’ve discovered once again that reconnecting with those closest to my heart keeps me strong and on the right foot. 

Rediscovered my Dragon Naturally Speaking. I’m retraining it and using it a bit more. It’s not as easy as typing, but if it lets me get my ideas down—and does so somewhat fluently– then it’s a boon. It’s a pain though, because sometimes I speak a little TOO fast. Yet, with time, it’s getting there. Which means sometimes I can use my mp3 player to record my thoughts and then transcribe them via Dragon. I’m thinking maybe a digital recorder might help too. 

Writing has become a love for the most part, though at times I find it hard to get started. Believe it or not– it’s easier for me to write when not at home. Not because I’m home with stuff to do- but because I’m easy to get online with my peoples. LOL So, this month was learning to write without going online. It is NOT EASY! There are tempting things like Chefville, Fairyland and the like! This has led me to listening to my music and meditations while writing, which seems to help me zone out into the characters better– which just rocks my world more and more! 

Change– I’ve been gaining muscle, but I’m getting better, healthier. I’m walking more, though I’m tired a bit more lately. I think that’s because of my needing realignment. I’ve found the best chiropractic clinic and the staff rock. They offer EVERYTHING and honestly, the more I think on it– the more I’m thinking on Monday, I’m going to see what my insurance covers from them and take advantage of their life coach, acupuncture and more. I’m allowed 12 visits for chiropractor adjustments and I can get massages as needed by my docs– and my docs, including my arthritis specialist has recommended it to me– so can you hear me purr now? Yes, that change is one I’m happy to make– and I plan on keeping regularly. I miss my massages. Badly. I need them! 

I might not have met my goal for writing this month– but I found something more– I found myself. I found out who I am, what I want, and that I need to tweak a few things here and there to make my dreams come true. And that, honestly, is worth it all! How has your month gone?