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Today’s top feature… work got weird. Yes, the day job that is actually overnight– is not going to be much longer. Come the end of the month– it’ll be gone. However, do not cry for me. I haven’t lost my job completely. My company is moving all of us to other departments. Thus, I spent a day having to decide which departments fit me best and which hours (which are NOT overnight) would be most likely for me to enjoy and be easier on us as a family. So, that’s what I did. I also had to get over that nagging sensation like I was losing my job again. It’s not like that, the contract is just up with the company and they elected not to renew. Nothing major. But at the same time, part of me feels like I’ve been dumped. I know it’s silly, but there you have it. However, the news I got on Saturday, more than made up for my Friday. 



So, Saturday, I’m awake after being up most of the night reading. (I’ve been reading a lot lately for my birthday. Do not hate. Do. Not. Hate.) A week or so ago, I had been introduced to a cover artist who made some wonderful pre-made and custom covers. There are some wonderful covers for great prices, plus she does great work for various publishers. If you’ve not checked out EDH Graphics, give her a shot. I bought a wonderful cover from her for my upcoming self published book, Teaching the Male. I’m actually looking forward to getting it finished and released within the next month or so. It’s a short novellette, so it’ll be priced accordingly. But I had to have the cover because it really just captured the way I considered the story itself. Which means when I go through and add a few more scenes, I think you’ll be finding a scene reflecting the cover on the inside. That just made afternoon. 


That evening, I get an email from my publisher, Loose Id. I had been expecting it for a while since we were working on edits. The next thing I know, I’m bouncing in my seat, doing the happy dance. Why? I have official word that yes, the book is called Pirate Queen’s Rebellion. *grins* I’m so glad. It makes it so much easier to remember. I also have a tentative release date in November. YAY! I’ll get confirmation as things happen. Overall, I’m beyond thrilled. My editor has been kicking butt with me on edits. So, I am beyond thrilled to get the story into shape for release. It’s one of my longest books to date, and honestly, it’s become one of my favourite stories. (We know how rare that is!) I filled out my cover art sheet and all the other fun publisher required goodies and turned them in. Now, I’m plotting my marketing plan for this book. I have some ideas already planned, yet I want to do a bit more. So, I’m hoping to take advantage of some fun pirate and space themed goodies to have some fun as I celebrate this new release before the upcoming holiday rush. 


Let’s talk writing itself. I’ve done some writing. Not as much as I wished, but this week has been hard for that. I fought off a cold or something, then the work thing hit. I’ve also been doing the blog a bit more. Overall, I got 2k of book writing done, 2-3k of blogging done, and some researching for future book ideas accomplished. It’s been a great week for those things. My goal this coming week is to get to 3-5k on my book writing for the week. If I can get there, I’ll be happy since I don’t have much more to do to get to the end of my Christmas story. Or so I think. What my characters do– I have no clue. *sigh* 

You’d think that I’ve got so much going on, I can’t be thinking of doing more. Yet– you’d be wrong. The end of this month will see me at the always awesome Savvy Authors taking a Scrivener class. I bought the program on sale, I’ve used it a handful of times, but couldn’t figure it out much. This class should help remedy that. Right now, I use WriteWay Pro and I love it, but there are some things in Scrivener that WWP can’t do. So, I want to be able to use both until I figure which is my go-to program. It might end up being I use both regardless. I’m also taking a couple of classes to prep for Nano in October. It seems that SOMEONE *coughsDAWNMONTGOMERYcoughs* has convinced me to do NaNoWriMo this year in November. Yes, so I’m keeping busy. Silly me. 


ROW80LogocopyROW80 Review: I wrote 2k of my Christmas story, maybe more. I’m tired. I’ve blogged something like 3k, maybe more, again, don’t ask. LOL I’ve gotten a new cover for my upcoming book, Teaching the Male. I have a tentative release date for Pirate Queen’s Rebellion of November. I’m so excited. I’ve been conned into signing up for NaNoWriMo. I’m also taking Scrivener class at the end of the month. So, yes, I think this week can be declared a success! *grins* 

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