New Release- Ride Me Baby

Today is release day for me! Go me! Ride Me, Baby goes live at your online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, AllRomanceebooks and soon to Kobo! I’m so excited!

I’m so thrilled to finally get this updated book finished and out to the readers. I enjoyed writing this originally. I still blame Nancy for original story idea. She and the group of us were discussing innuendos. Then we got into phrases that could be dirty but weren’t. Thus, came the creation that is released today. I laugh at it still because I knew when people hear that the heroine’s nickname is Baby, some people will be upset with it. But when you find out how it comes about– most people will smile and settle down. My mom used to call me Cyn or “C”. Only my closest friends call me Cyn. Or my family. It’s one of those things that I still with a lot. Somehow though, my other close compadres have taken up the term, “Cynnie”. I blame my nephew and niece for that. Yes, I do. Let your friends hear it once– and they’ll jump all over that! But that’s how nicknames go– they’ll come out of the weirdest things and come to mean a lot to you. Which is why I think Charlie doesn’t mind her nickname. She’s is named for her dad, so when his buddies called her Charlie’s Baby and then Baby to differentiate between him and her, she grew up with it and later, grew to love the name after his death. So to me, the nickname is something you can choose to love or love to hate– but in the end, it’s what you make of it that helps define you.

I guess that’s why I like this book– there are so many things that could define the hero and heroine– and yet, they choose to let those things define only part of who they are. They really truly try to go further and it’s why I really love these characters. They grow on you quickly and you come to love them, along with their bickering like an old married couple ways. LOL

BLURB: Who knew a bidding war over a bike could cause such problems?

For Charlie “Baby” Simmons, there’s no problem– she won the motorcycle, it’s hers to refurbish for Doc.

For Harley Rex Carmichael, it symbolizes his life and more. He won’t stop at getting Baby to give in to him and give him the bike. When that doesn’t work, he realizes there’s more to the woman than restoring bikes, something that he wants to be part of.

But when it comes between life and risk, they’re both wondering if Harley will ever utter the words, “Ride Me, Baby” one more time for good.

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