Match Game- Ghost Style

A while back, I had a story in the Spirited anthology entitled Match Game, Ghost Style. Well, Loose Id, in its wonderfulness, decided to make it a classic, releasing it into it’s own book with a brand new cover. I admit, the cover is PERFECT for what I envisioned for Shari.

 Isn’t it beautiful? I love this story, which is dedicated to my soul twin and one of my best friends ever. What I love most about this story and the cover is that it allowed me to get deeper into the fictional city I created in Florida. So imagine my surprise to find out there is a REAL city that shares the name with my imaginary one. I will say this- at least my city has interesting street names. LOL

I updated the website with the new cover and the link. I’m SOOO happy with this rerelease of sorts.

Let me know what you think!

Buying Info:

Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead is here and for Ben Cameron, this holiday is painful without his best friend, Manuel “Manny” Cervantes. For Shari Livingston, this is a day to remember just how much Manny has done for all of their friends, but she never expects Manny to appear at the Dumb Supper she and the others have put together or to make to demand that she and Ben admit their true feelings for one another.

However, Manny the ghost isn’t about to let them get away with just sleeping together to make him happy. He knows more about them than they want to admit even to themselves.

Can this matchmaking ghost get Ben and Shari together or will he be forced to play the ultimate match game to show the love between them both?