The Marauders are back!

I’m amazed. I hadn’t realized I had missed them until they were gone. This series is what really got me noticed. But as I grew, I grew away from them. But as I returned to their world, updating things and fixing things– I realized just how much I missed the druids themselves. In the years I’ve been away, I’ve been playing with their stories, shifting them, changing them subtly, but bringing them up to where I am now and where I need them to be. But more importantly, I realize that I need to make sure the stories are true to the characters needs as well. Which is why I made the decision to self publish the series. 

The first three books will be the original two books and the book containing all the short stories, which I will be dabbling in again. Further, I discovered something else. Some of the stories of the brothers will be shorter, some might be longer– some will be hotter, some will be deeper within the paranormal world than I originally realized. But all will give that satisfaction of knowing they’ve really rocked the world they live in. Which for me, was the reason for writing them to begin with.

When I needed someone to do the cover, I wasn’t sure who who to go to, but a good friend of mine actually came to me and reminded me that he does run a company that does those things. So, eMotion Digital Media  became my artist. Well one of their artists did and I admit, I am simply amazed at what they did! They took my original idea and brought it to life in a way I hadn’t considered and I’ve fallen in love with the cover. It’s astounding!

So where can you find my book? Amazon is first. The next places will be Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and ARe. Those are the places to look for the Marauder series as I prep the books for bringing them out to the public over the next 6 months. I’m really happy to do this, more importantly, I’m thrilled over the idea that I can honestly go back to my druids and bring more to the table now than I could 3 years ago. I realize just how much I miss them.