Love Games free on KU

LoveGames_byCynnaraTregarth_1600x2400Love Games is currently free for your reading pleasure through Kindle Unlimited. If you don’t, it’s currently $3.99. Not bad for a great full length contemporary romance novel. 

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Who knew that an online role-playing game would lead to romance and then heartbreak? Certainly not Cierra Jade Connelly or Ryan Foster. Circumstances and lack of trust have kept them from meeting in the real world, but when they cross paths several months later, things begin to sizzle. But it’s not easy to go forward after a rocky start, especially when well-meaning friends just don’t get it. When it comes to dominance and submission, trust is everything.

At a costume ball decorated in honor of their online game, Cierra and Ryan put their love on the line. Everyone thinks it’s all part of the fantasy, but for Cierra and Ryan, their love games have never been more real. If only they can make it last…