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Loose Id

Changeling Press

Etopia Press 


Ashlyn ChaseDawn Montgomery,  Jet Mykles, Maggie Nash, Maura Anderson, Jeanne BarrackSharyn Tregarth, Branwenn Thorne, Morgan Hawke



One of my affiliations is with FLICK (Floridians Living in Consensual Kink). Our leader, Sebaztian, is also a member of House of the Noble Heart. If you want to know more about BDSM, check out the site- House of the Noble Heart.

Independent Publishing

A growing interest in indy publishing makes me look for information out there that can help people to choose which way is best for them- traditional, smaller independent publishers, or doing yourself. One great blog to check out is WG2e.


 Third Party Sites

If you’re looking for ebooks and don’t like to buy from publisher websites– you can always try All Romance ebooks!

All Romance eBooks








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