Lammas Celebration

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Tomorrow is Lammas or to some, Lughnasadh. This sacred time of the grain harvest is a time of sharing. For my family, it’s a time to gear up for the fall and the upcoming holidays. It’s also a time of reflection to see what we’ve accomplished the first half of the year– both good and bad. For our meal, I’m making homemade bread as well as fixing some grain dishes– most will be gluten free, since I have to be. The family has become used to the fact that though we do separate out for the most part– I make two kinds of spaghetti and such– whenever possible, I do try to make GF for the whole family. (Ask them about the Chocolate Chip Cookie incident from this Sunday. Yes, ask them about that.) 

Since I’ll begin my day with a doctor’s appointment, my real celebration preparations won’t begin until I get home. I’ll continue to smudge the house and finish up the cleaning. This will help invite good health, happiness, and positive things into our lives. It will also discourage negativity and other items that could possibly hurt us. I’ll do a self cleansing ritual to help continue my path of rebalancing myself. I’ve come a long way and I don’t want my recent blips in the road to stop my progress forward. So if I can get myself forward moving, then it will be good.

So what will be my main plan for tomorrow’s celebration? The theme of happiness and thankfulness. Thankfulness because in my life, I’ve not had many times where I could be happy. I’ve not had times where I felt I could be carefree and content with what was happening around me. Too many times I had been hurt, helping others get over being hurt, that it seemed a never ending battle. But tomorrow is a day of celebration- a day to celebrate the harvest of forgiveness, happiness, prosperity, and joy. For me, it’s a new way of looking on Lugh and how his story interweaves with mine.  I miss my mom and I’ve done many things in her honor, just as Lugh honours the death of Tailtiu, the last Fir Bolg queen. There are other things I find similar in my path, which makes me smile, because though I’m Virgo by birth, I’m a child of elemental Fire first.

Every year I always plan something for Lammas- something crafty for myself or someone else to enjoy. This year I’m making some jewelry, but using the Chakra system. It’s an idea I’ve been playing with for a while. So, the necklaces will use the colour system of the chakra within it but at the same time, look beautiful  while flaunting more than just the rainbow. The idea is to use certain aspects of the stones within the hues to help grade from one colour to the next, so it looks like a natural progression if possible. It should be interesting. Plus, I’ll do a couple that are straight Chakra necklaces and bracelets as well.

So what are you plans for Lammas?

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