Inspiration comes from many sources. For me, music, audio books, ASMR, and a tv commercial are inspiration.

passionfadeI’m learning French. I blame Paris ASMR. His soft, melodic voice, sweet smile and his multilingual talents have me needing to understand French. I’ve learned Spanish, started learning Gaelic (which I’ve started back again), and I’m going to learn others. I love Earworms learning systems to start if you’re trying to be conversational.

1/6/23. History. Twenty-three days by foot is 6 days on horseback, equals one day by ship. This is huge when dealing in ancient and medieval history. Love this audio book on the history of King Arthur. Has me salivating to restart my Avalon Returns series with some revisions. *rubs hands* History is freaking awesome. I cannot wait to get more Great Courses. Love them, love them, love them!

ASMR has me relaxing, destressing, and prompting story ideas. Can you believe it? Big shout out to Olivia Kissper, ASMR Requests Ally, Paris ASMR, Heather Feather, and Springbok ASMR. Inspiration, sleep, and story concepts night after night.

The new story idea is from the commercial I linked at top. I was sick. I saw this while on meds. As I fell asleep, it was twisted. This is what I heard:

Unedited excerpt:

“Where have all the good witches gone?” The child’s voice quivered in fear.

‘Most good witches were dead or in hiding,’ I thought, my gaze leaving the child’s small hand gripped in the adult’s to the grisly scene outside. ‘But we are here.’ Blowing out a deep breath, I gathered my magick deep within me and cast three spells quickly as I moved to the locked door.

Flipping up my hood, I went out the back door and stepped around outside as the creature, a demon continued biting the old man. “Leave here or die. This town is mine.”

The initial electrical charge made the creature release the man, who collapsed under my protective circle, my second spell. It hissed as the third spell of green flame licked it’s way up the body. ‘Wannabe, release the old man or die like the others before you.”

I cannot wait to see how this story turns out. It is different enough to make me wonder. I like wondering what happens next.