Holidays a coming!

For me, Imbolc is a huge holiday coming up– in fact, it’s celebrated on February 2nd. On the 3rd of February, Chinese New Year begins. For me, it’s an auspicious time because I love Imbolc. It’s one of the first pagan holidays I ever celebrated as a pagan and it holds a special place in my heart because of the meaning. It’s time to clean out the things that don’t help me and to prune down the excess in my life. What does that mean for me personally? It’s declutter time! So, starting February 1st- I’m decluttering the entire house. I’m paring down my print books (the goal is to get rid of 30%), to go through my clothes of what fits, what doesn’t and what just needs to be tossed, and to pare down to essentials in the kitchen and living room as well. For me, it’s a great time to reflect on personal issues as well while I’m doing the physical.

Chinese New Year is always fun for me because I love celebrating new beginnings. Plus, the Chinese have created some beautiful practical artwork and items over the centuries. Plus, I love the story of how Chinese New Year began. Don’t know it? Check out The Holiday Spot for their tale on Chinese New Year.