Happy Father’s Day and Happy Solstice!

Today is two great days in one. The first is Father’s Day. Hopefully all the fathers out there are having a fantastic day and feeling the love of their families. 

Second, Happy Solstice. Today is the longest day of the year for those in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest for those in the Southern Hemisphere. For those who are Wiccan- Happy Litha!

Today I plan to celebrate by doing some swimming, spending some time with the male and getting more writing done. I’ve finished up week one in Fast Draft and I’ve not done completely to the total I hoped, but I’ve done damn good! Pirate Queen is over half finished and I have to admit– I’m not sure what the final count of the story will be though I’m hoping to send it to either CP or EC depending on which length it ends up. I have to admit- I am really loving the futuristic aspects of the storyline and yet how antique and retro to the pirates of the 1700s it reminds me of. Which is exactly the feel I was trying for. *grins* 

The male is taking me shopping to look at computer stations. We’re going to move the computer stuff into the second bedroom to make it more office for me, so I can work late at night if I don’t have to work the next day and he does. That of course means I need to install a wireless card into the computer, which I have, luckily. But I like the idea of finding a station that will hold some of my reference books and the printer and yet let me have the bedroom as a bedroom when I need it. So, I’ll be honest, I’m really excited about doing this today. It’s a step closer to making my office dreams a reality. 

Tonight I’ll be doing some spell rituals and offering up healing prayers to those in need. There are people who need to be healed and deserve to have a chance to have happiness and the basics fulfilled. So today is dedicated to their needs- to giving them a chance to start fresh. 

I hope everyone has a blessed day today– or if you’re in the next day time zone– a damn good Monday!