Getting Back in the Saddle Again

Having had foot surgery changed my life. I hadn’t thought it would, but it did. First, it forced me to learn to rely on family and friends. Then it taught me that every so often, you have to stop and refocus on yourself. So, I spent time on me- relearning on how to be me- from walking without limping, to getting healthy, to dealing with my nephew being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and more. Second, having the surgery forced me to reevaluate my writing- I was pushing myself to do things before I was ready. So I took time for workshops, forcing myself to relearn how to write, how to learn how to learn. I even worked on some of my writing I had postponed. Third, I learned that when things change- sometimes you need to stop one thing so you can focus on the change itself. Thus, I dealt with my day job stuff for a while. There were issues there- including some severe headaches and migraines. Which then lead to another health issue- gluten intolerance and photo-sensitivity to fluorescent lights.

So, I sit here after the last ten days learning a lot about what it’ll take to live my life as gluten free as possible. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m lucky that I don’t have celiac disease as some of my other friends and fellow authors do. I’m lucky I can eat some gluten products with some affects– but that it can damage me in the long run. So, I’m weeding it out, carefully, slowly, but progressively. My doctor wants me to go step by step, taking the time to really see how I feel as I make these changes, and following up with him. But there’s a flip side to all this– I’m actually getting some focus. Colour me shocked and surprised! Not only having been put on estrogen for the Kill You/Cry Me syndrome (aka Menopause), but cutting down and out gluten has helped me with my focus. No, it’s not 100%, but it’s better than it’s been in over 5 years!

How much better? I’ve been working on two nonfiction books– having written over 12k in a week, and then writing another 4k in fiction. This is something I’ve not been able to do in years! It’s like a major revelation to my system. Who knew that getting your hormones and getting rid of something your body is allergic to would make so dramatic a difference in how you view life? It’s like seeing the world through new eyes. I’m humbled and I’m thrilled. I’m scared and I’m excited. It’s the scariest thing and I’m hoping it doesn’t end as I slowly try to keep going– one step at a time.