Flash Fiction- Guess what Fairytale?

Ann Vremont posted links to a beautiful fairytale scene she created. Then she challenged people on the Changeling Press Yahoo group to come up with a flash fiction. So…I came up with one. Gods only knows what will happen next. LOL

These are the piccies- http://www.annvremont.com/images/fairylights_3_1024.jpg  and a lighter version- http://www.annvremont.com/images/fairylights_2_1024.jpg

“If we keep following this trail, we should find our way back to our village,” Nadine whispered as she stepped onto the cobblestone path.


Derrick squeezed her hand. “I hope so, but I don’t ever remember walking on a path quite like this.”


They walked the path for a few minutes then stopped. In the middle of the path stood the deadliest yet most beautiful of all the forest fauna- the rose-thorn bush. How it managed to grow on the magickal path was beyond Nadine’s reasoning powers, but they needed to stay on the path or risk being lost forever within the Wildwood.


“Can we cut it down?” Derrick asked as he stepped towards the bush.


Nadine pulled him back. “Don’t! If you get too close it’ll attack you.”


“But those little creatures aren’t being hurt. They’re feeding it.”


Nadine nodded. “Exactly, Derrick. There is a way around it, but I can’t remember. Let me open up my magick book and see if it’s listed in there.” Carefully, she withdrew her pack and searched for her book. Once it was in hand, she scrolled through the pages, searching for one particular reference. “Ah ha! I found it. But…you might not like what we have to do to get by it.”


“What?” Derrick gazed down at her. “Tell me. We have to find our way back home to warn our people.”


“We have to have sex and let it touch us during it.” Nadine ducked her head, avoiding Derrick’s eyes.