Dawn of a New Day— Sorta, Mostly, Kinda…

I’m sitting here, enjoying my day off from the EDJ, even though I’m doing the necessary evil around the house. Why? Because for the first time in days, I’m no longer weak, cranky and in the bathroom every 15-20 minutes. I do not wish the norovirus on anyone! It was literally the shittiest 2 days of my life!  :mrgreen: Beyond that, it made me realize that I honestly needed to take my gluten intolerance diagnosis more seriously. I’ve been slowly removing gluten from my diet– and doing well, but I hadn’t gone that final step– and I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to. Why? Because who wants to give up bread, cake, OREOS? *wails* I’m serious, the idea of giving up my Oreos is the only reason I’ll cheat. Not to mention the ten boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mints sitting in my pantry. Of those ten boxes, four of them are mine. The other six boxes are the male’s. But– they have gluten. *sigh* Do you see where this is going? Do you? 

So, laying miserably in bed, between bathroom runs, I had co-opted the male’s Ipad. (Still not sure about it, but I think I want one– it could be useful.) Did more searching and reading on gluten free, especially a couple of magazines available on the Ipad but NOT on my Nook Color. *Gasp* The Horror! The Shame! (I am not happy about that, by the way, just saying!) Realization hit that I don’t have to give up everything I love– but I do have to start cooking and baking to have things I enjoy– like bread. (Which reminds me–I still need to buy the breadmaker!) There’s going to be a learning curve and in some areas, my grocery bill is going up instead of going down, which it had been going with my couponing and such. Let me tell you, it’s not something you want to tell the one you love, “Dearest, with my lovely new immune system disability, we have to pay more for certain foods.” Crash. Burn. Boom. Sigh.

Then I started reading some of the gluten free books I bought, especially on making my own mixes for flours for breads, cookies, brownies, etc. I realized if I could get some of these in bulk, premix them up into special cannisters. I can have my own mixes like I used to buy and it might just save me some money though not as much as before. So, part of me feels better, though part of me mourns for the easier days of gluten laden foods. Because here’s the deal– there’s hidden gluten in many of the foods you eat. Soy sauce– gluten. Yeah, I didn’t want to believe it either, but it’s true! Even some ground spice mixes have gluten in them. I know, ridiculous, isn’t it? But yet, I’ve noticed a big difference– since cutting out the gluten, I’ve had less headaches, less migraines and my intestinal tract has been less irritated. (Except for last week– that was WAY DIFFERENT!)

So, it’s a dawn of a new day for me. I’m embracing my gluten free status– though part of me really really needs someone to develop an Oreo cookie recipe that’s gluten free. I’m serious. Because right now, that’s the only major thing I’d probably cheat over. That and those hot rolls from Manny’s Chophouse with the cinnamon butter. *sigh* The rolls I can learn to make something similar, I hope, but Oreos….I need help. I need someone to come up with a recipe or the company to create a special Cyn’s Gluten Free Oreo Cookie. That would be even better. Because 1 out of133 people in the US are either gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive or have celiac disease. And that’s a lot of people’s needs who are being ignored when it comes to gluten free goodies like Oreos, crackers, ice cream and more. Food manufacturers need to be a little bit proactive here. It’s an untapped market that could really bring big returns and loyal customers, just like in the reading world.