Crafty: Bath Salts

While on a writing rampage (did you like that Se?), it came up about bath salts. I make them for gifts for family and friends. I make a couple of different kinds. Yet, I have a couple of base recipes I use. So, Se asked me to share the base recipe of one of them with everyone. So I hope you enjoy this. 


Cyn’s Homemade Bath Salts 

2 cups of salt (epsom, Dead Sea Salt, sea salt) 

5-6 drops of chosen essential oil

1 tsp glycerin (opt)- but it does soften the skin


Mix the ingredients together well and put into a glass jar with a cover. I use a handful in the bath whenever I take a bath. It’s nice and easy to make. If you use commercial grade coloring, you can color the salts, which adds to the impact of the gift. You can also use fresh herbs as well. The other thing, I’ve done is buy the empty tea bags and put the finished bath salts in the tea bags then put a package of bath salts together. Wrap them up with a ribbon and it makes a ready made gift for anyone to use without trying to figure out portion sizes.