Craft of Writing- Finishing a Major Project

Today I finished the largest project I’ve undertaken in a while– plotting the end of Pirate Queen’s Rebellion, aka PQR. I say this is a large undertaking because it took me almost three days to exclusively concentrate on this one project. Totaling up the hours, you’re looking at almost 30 hours of writing time. That is intensive for me. I started around 11 am or noon and finished about midnight or 1 am.

Basically, I broke all my normal rules when it comes to my writing. I treated this as a rush project, but I forced myself to go beyond my normal limits. My goal was to see if I could perhaps finally push that ceiling up a little higher. It worked. I won’t say I am not sore- my body is not letting me rest tonight. However, I have done something I haven’t seen myself do in over five years– I wrote 10k in 3 consecutive days. Further, in a period of one week, I wrote close to 17k. I am shocked, amazed and thrilled. My swollen ankles and legs tell another story as does my wrists and stiff fingers. You really must comprehend this, I sat in my office typing. Occasionally, when it got bad, I used Dragon to type while I spoke, but basically it was all me.

I paid the price for doing 10k in one day early last week. I slept the next day away because of the pain. My head hurt because of my forcing it to do something it wasn’t used to doing for such a long period of time, even with regular breaks. So, after that, I tried my best to alternate typing with dictating with Dragon. It helped, particularly on blog posts and whenever I worked on areas where it wasn’t dialogue heavy. I also continue to use my recorder because giving that up is just nonsense.

Yet, I feel good that I stretched myself. I hate the pain I will have over the next few days. I will work through most of it, it is what I do. Chronic pain is one thing I live with daily. This is just heavier than normal. Somewhere this week I will take a day and just do nothing. It will help with the pain though not with everything I want to finish. The nice thing, if I set myself up carefully, I can make my wav file day an easy one, thus giving me some recovery time. It might be what I need to balance all the work I’ve done and what is left to do. But listening just requires sitting, listening and editing the files for what to keep. It could be less than a few hours, depending if I need to listen to every second of every file. Here’s a secret, not all of them are for PQR. Some are other stories, so I need to get them labelled properly.:)

But what a feeling! How do you feel when you stretch yourself and accomplish what you thought was impossible? Right now, I am riding high on happiness and hoping that my body won’t let the pain in too deep.