COW:Writing and wondering

I’ve been working on a new story for my publisher and I’ve been doing decent. My brain has been off center a bit, but that’s okay. Part of it is because of the weather, when it rains a lot I find it hard to focus. Then there’s the fact that I’ve been pushing myself hard this month. I’ve gotten a lot done. But I wonder– just how much in the scheme of things have I really gotten finished? It’s that time when I really take stock of myself and my writing. 

Sometimes when I write, I don’t think I do enough. Sometimes it feels like I do too much. So taking stock at the end of a month or at the end of a writing jaunt helps me to focus on how well I’m doing. Like today, I’ve done some dictation (which needs to be transcribed this weekend), I’m working on this post and a couple of others, and I am doing some promo tonight. That to me– that’s a good day of work. Beyond that– I’ve found a day job. Well technically, it’ll be a night job, but either way, it’s a job to help with bills and to get insurance, it’s all good. Is it my dream job- no. But it’ll do for now. In my writing mind– it’s good enough. 

So what about what I’ve done this month– have I done enough? Honestly, yes. I’ve done very well. To that end, I give myself credit, especially when I started pooping out this last week. My body and mind basically went kaput. I worked very hard in getting out my 80k book, my 2 short stories, plotting my Christmas story, and basically editing everything. In fact, I’ve also managed to organize my writing, getting myself on track for other writing projects, and putting myself through a lot on the personal side of things. That’s not including the tons of job applications and other stuff I’ve been doing all month. So, yes, I’ve done well. I’ve even blogged regularly this month. Go me. 

Yet this tiny voice goes, “But I’m wondering….” This is the voice that haunts me sometimes. It’s the voice that says, “Could I have done more if I hadn’t been so tired?” Perhaps. Maybe. But then again, I didn’t allow myself a lot of down time. In fact, there is good news to share. News I’ve not told anyone but my closest of people. 😀 That news I was saving until either today or on Sunday. But I guess today will do. I sold Pirate Queen’s Rebellion to Loose Id, one of my publishers. *grins* This is me doing the happy dance. There will be edits of course, and some changes– but overall, it’ll make the story better. Yay! But now PQR has an official home. I’ll let you know when it has a release date. 

This writing and pushing myself just enough works for me. I have to use Dragon more so I don’t end up too sore. With my new job and possibly my male’s new job– there will be times when we don’t see each other– totally different shifts. (I’m not joking and we’ll be working for the same company but on different projects!) So, with that in mind, I have to consider just how to make the meals– I’m seeing the slow cooker in my future more and more– and I’m seeing overlapping meals lunch/dinner combos so that things get used up well for us both. But that’s okay. On our days off, we’ll get some time together. On the plus side–Shango, our husky, will never be left alone for the most part. He’ll be ecstatic! To him, it’s all about him and that’s all that matters. LOL But it’s like that in writing too– what you do is overlap– your time, your effort, how you plan your day. For me, it means I’ll have to decide when to sleep, when to get up, how to do everything. I’m thinking of splitting some of my sleep/awake time to do what’s necessary. I’ll come home and walk my puppy, go to bed– then get up to spend a couple of hours with the male– then walk the dog again, then back to bed before getting up to pack my overnight lunch/supper for working. It’s funny– when I worked overnights- I lost a lot of weight. Wonder if that’ll happen again. LOL Plus, you never know- I might be able to make my writing fit within these times for sprints and other things too. It’s going to be tough at first– but I WILL make it work. I will. It might just take a month or so to get it together. 


ROW80 check in— This week I’ve done about 2k this week, and I’ve been doing some plotting. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. Pretty much I’ve been putting my author stuff together. Once that’s done, we’ll see what happens next. It’s been a weird week to date. Hopefully it’ll go better as time moves forward and now I’ve got my day job set. I’ve got a focus now that I don’t have to fuss on other things.