Writing: The Goal Posts are moving closer…

This week has flown by. I’ve been working really hard. Yet the results are coming in every time I shut down my computer. Well, except for today. Today was an unscheduled day off, and at this moment, I’m really unrepentant. I started this week with two major goals– I wanted to get my transcription done and all the wav files labeled. Further, I wanted what’s done of PQR edited and smoothed out for what I’m going to be working on for July. This way, I’m working with a continuity happy storyline that I don’t have to go, “Oh crap, what is that name? Did I change it again?” I’ll have it all cross referenced in my programs– both Scrivener and WriteWay. (Silly, I know, but I’m not sure which one I like better yet. WriteWay loads stories I’ve worked on previously better and easier than Scrivener because it actually can take chapter headers and put them in separately. Yet, there’s a feel to Scrivener that I like too. So, yeah. LOL) How far am I?

Well, the wav files are finished. They’re organized and all the PQR stuff is completed and gone off the drive. Everything now are for other stories and story ideas. *bounces* It’s nice to know they are sitting there waiting for me, including the ones for my mystery. Those I look at and just giggle over. Silly, but hey, I’m allowed! There are currently 13 chapters that are done in my story, with 2 scenes I’ve yet to put in PQR from the transcriptions. From those, I’ve got 5 chapters completely edited and information filed. So, that’s almost one-third of the story edited. I’ve got two more days to get that done, though honestly, I’ve got until the first of July to get things settled. That’s when Camp NanoWriMo starts. *whimpers* Either way, I need things ready to rock and roll. 

Since I’ve been so hyper-focused on PQR and its goals, I wanted to make sure I got something done on my mystery series, so tonight I worked on my character sheets a bit. Just some loose profiles of some of the regulars that will be in the books. I didn’t do detailed workups yet, but wanted to get down basic cores so I knew names, what they did and how they related to the first book. Then once I get more time, I’ll put together entire character profiles for each regular in the series. That way I will have them referenced and ready to go. I’m debating on whether to keep it all on the computer or a mix of print and computer– so we’ll see what happens with that. 

My writing group has been really fantastic at cheering me on the past few weeks on this project. I want to thank them for that. It’s hard writing in a vacuum at times, but more so when you’re really struggling. It’s also a push towards accountability for me– something I struggle with often. It’s easy to slide backwards and miss a day or three or even a week when I don’t feel good. It’s easy to not type and not get on the computer to even use Dragon. It’s so easy to keep away sometimes. Why? Because procrastination and excuses are much simpler than actually using that forward motion and forcing my brain to work. But I promised myself no more excuses. I am allowed time off– my aunt was in town today– and I took the afternoon off. Had a blast and had no guilt whatsoever on it. In fact, it spawned some future ideas that I jotted down which may help me in other stories or who knows. So, I’m grateful for the break. The not editing was because I wasn’t in the mood and honestly, I’ve done a LOT of pushing lately. I needed some away time. So, I decided it was okay to do so. No beating myself up for it– as long as I did something else that was writing related. Thus, working on the mysteries. 

I think that’s the thing I realized once I started retraining my brain– I had to retrain my attitude. It was a bit of Yoda talking to Luke Skywalker– “There is no try, it’s do or do not.” Honestly, that’s how it has to be with me. I will falter. I will occasionally slide back into bad moments of not writing and not wanting to write. Yet, I can’t excuse it anymore. I can’t blame others– it’s up to me. If I don’t write, it’s not them who is holding me back– it’s me letting them hold me back. One of the biggest excuses I hear from people is that “My family interrupts me. Or they won’t leave me alone.” Part of that is training. You’ve taught them you’re going to respond when they interrupt. Invest in ear plugs. Teach them that just as they have their time– doing their things–you have yours. If you don’t, you’re enabling them to prevent you from writing. They’re not to blame- you are. It’s that accountability thing. It’s what I had to face recently. Am I being accountable for my time? For my health? 

I will be honest– I am paying a price right now for my health. My sleep patterns are getting off track again. That’s not good. I’m getting swollen ankles and feet from sitting for too long a period of time. Even when I get up and walk around–with my other issues, it’s still too long sometimes, and I’m too lazy to take the laptop from the male. It’s not fair when he uses it for his stuff. Yet, I am trying to watch out and be careful with what I eat and drink as I write, so to not aggravate my conditions. So, I’m trying to keep everything in check for the most part. I think once this book is done and sent to my editor, I will be happy and able to ease up on the hours I’m at my desk. That will help tremendously. Until then, I’m pushing myself to get this done because I need to get this done for me. Seeing those goal posts moving ever closer to  THE END is just so exciting, I know I am pushing harder and harder. So, sometimes, you have to pull back and take a half day, like today. 

I think tomorrow, I will do my editing as timed writing. That way I will be sure to get up and down more often. It’s one way of being able to watch my health and to keep myself evenly paced. For those of us who are slightly competitive as well as wired in that abnormal way– the timed writing will help you to get that focus groove on. I might even dictate some mystery stuff to keep things balanced out overall. Planning out some things also engages your goal setting to bring things closer and helps you to bring each facet closer to the end. Right now, I’m looking forward to getting PQR finished. I might celebrate with some chocolate and alcohol. Or with chocolate and more chocolate. I haven’t decided yet. LOL