ROW80– The End of a Quarter

No way…it can’t be. But it is. *blinks* It’s the end of a quarter. I’ve made it. Someone shout it out to the world. Except for one major week of hell— where I missed posting 2 times– I posted the entire time for Round of Words in 80 Days. *does happy dance* WHOOO HOOOO! This is cause for celebration! Let the party commence.  Continue reading

Oh No It’s Sunday!

You have to be here to understand the horror inherent in the title. I worked 6 days in a row for the day job. *sigh* Worse, and I say worse is the fact that I wasn’t supposed to do so. But then they turned the tables on us. Yes, the joys and thrills of it all. Because my shift became technically “split” between one day and the next– they decided– you can do this because on Friday night– your hours are split between one work week and the next. (Our week starts on Saturday at midnight through Friday at 11:59 pm.) You may scream with me at any time. But it is what it is. There’s got to be a cut off and I got caught in the middle. So gone were the midnight shifts– now I’m in for 10:30 pm. You’d think it would be easier– but it’s not. It’s actually harder. You lose more sleep because of how much time you tend to lose once you’re home having to get stuff done but nothing is really open, so you have to wait. Whereas before– you got out at 8:30 am, things were open and waiting for you. Yeah, Ugh.  Continue reading

COW: Character Development

Sometimes characters come to you and they overwhelm you. Other times, they sit there, doing nothing for you or to you. When that happens, you need to do some character development. Why? Because your character is doing nothing for you– and in turn, does nothing for the reader you’re writing for. Those who overwhelm you– they’re larger than life, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the ill. Either way, when you put them on the page, they’re stunning. Which is why we want to bring those who are less so to that same kind of brilliance. The funny thing is– you don’t need to do a lot to achieve the same effect. So let’s look at how to develop great characters.  Continue reading

Nothing but the News


Today’s top feature… work got weird. Yes, the day job that is actually overnight– is not going to be much longer. Come the end of the month– it’ll be gone. However, do not cry for me. I haven’t lost my job completely. My company is moving all of us to other departments. Thus, I spent a day having to decide which departments fit me best and which hours (which are NOT overnight) would be most likely for me to enjoy and be easier on us as a family. So, that’s what I did. I also had to get over that nagging sensation like I was losing my job again. It’s not like that, the contract is just up with the company and they elected not to renew. Nothing major. But at the same time, part of me feels like I’ve been dumped. I know it’s silly, but there you have it. However, the news I got on Saturday, more than made up for my Friday. 

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ROW80- The Miracle of Sleep

This is a weekend of wonder. I’ve been slack on updating so forgive me. But there is just cause. I’ve been working overnights and my mornings are just atrocious before bed. I’m normally catching up on stuff I’ve not caught up during the 2-3 hours in the evening before the nap I take before I go to work. But on the plus side, week one on overnight is a success for the most part. I’ve adjusted fairly quickly and honestly– I like it. I’ve lost weight and the atmosphere is less stressful. I’m not going to say stress-free, but less stressful. My night-time supervisors are great and the floor support rocks. I really do appreciate them this past week. I’ve not needed them as much as I did when I first started, but when I’ve had those calls where things were totally jumbled– they were there to verify I was on the right track. For me, that did more for my knowledge base and feeling secure in my job performance than anything else. The other gift I’ve been given is that I’m almost back to getting between 7-8 hours a day sleep. Granted it’s not all in one shot, but most of it is. For me, that’s magnificent!  Continue reading