Sex 101: Big Girl Sex in Romance

th_d02b28a3 I have been reading pet peeves lately in blogs online and some are amusing, some I agree with, some not so much. There was one that opened my eyes. There was a commentary about sex that sort of sponsored this post. I think the idea of what constitutes a big girl relates part of it. If you’re a size 12—you’re not big. You’re normal. Size 16—you’re on the cusp. But if you ask any woman of size—they’ll tell you size 18 and up are BBW (big, beautiful women), and anything less fits into normal guidelines. Which brings me back to sex and us big girls. Sex isn’t like what you see for porn stars or even on the big screen. Though when you read about it in romance novels, you wonder– how realistic is it? Or is it? Which is why I decided to finally devote a blog post to sex and sex toys to those who are of the goddess size.  Continue reading

Promo: Pirate Queen’s Rebellion

I got my cover! *grins* It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. GD Leigh rocks. I think I love GD. *nods* I do. The wonderful thing about all this is that I can share with you some more info on Pirate Queen’s Rebellion now. Aren’t you excited? I am! I’m counting down the weeks and I’m putting together a lovely giveaway to celebrate.  Continue reading

The Marauders are back!

I’m amazed. I hadn’t realized I had missed them until they were gone. This series is what really got me noticed. But as I grew, I grew away from them. But as I returned to their world, updating things and fixing things– I realized just how much I missed the druids themselves. In the years I’ve been away, I’ve been playing with their stories, shifting them, changing them subtly, but bringing them up to where I am now and where I need them to be. But more importantly, I realize that I need to make sure the stories are true to the characters needs as well. Which is why I made the decision to self publish the series.  Continue reading

BDSM Blog Hop: How much Kink makes BDSM?

So, I’m sitting here way early in the morning, yawning and grinning. I’ve finished mad edits on a 70k book and I’m happy it’s done. Yet, I’m looking forward to working on my next BDSM book set in the same universe as Cupid Shoot, She Scores. I’ve compared the stories with the sex and though this contemporary book is hot and heavy, there is some BDSM techniques in there, though they’re subtly played upon in my upcoming release, Love Games. Are you shocked?  Continue reading

BDSM Blog Hop- Is consent necessary in BDSM romance?

Today, I’m part of the BDSM Blog Hop. As you can see, we’re talking BDSM and we’re enjoying it all! I’m actually thrilled to be part of this because for me, it’s about sharing what I enjoy writing and reading—good quality BDSM romance. One of the things I’m often asked by those from outside of the romance community, is how come romance readers seem to think that people in the BDSM lifestyle do not seem to take consent seriously? It got me thinking, which then led me to this blog post.

Continue reading