Release: Call of the Wylde (Marauders Book 2)

It’s out! It’s out! Happy days it’s out! *grins* I’ve been so busy with Pirate Queen’s Rebellion (it’s so done!) that I hadn’t had time to post this– but Call of the Wylde, second book in the Marauder series is out! That’s right, it’s out and ready for your enjoyment! The lovely Scott Carpenter did the cover for the second book and I love it! Plus, for this holiday– the price for Mark of the Blood has dropped to 99¢. That price will hold until July 15th. After that, it goes back up to $2.99. So, if you’ve been waiting to pick up MOTB and Call of the Wylde, now’s the time to do it!  Continue reading

I got my cover! WHOO HOO!

Just got my cover for Love Beyond Time! It’s gorgeous! Want a look? I know you do…..

Love Beyond Time cover

So what do you think? I love it! The artists at Pink Petal really captured the essence of the storyline I created for Love Beyond Time, and it just rocks seeing the Giza Pyramids. Especially Menkaure’s.

Did you know….

That you can find my ebooks at my publisher sites–,, and But even better- you can get them at,,, and 

How cool is that? I saw that today and started giggling. I’ve made it to the big leagues of buying places! YAY!

Excerpt: Teaching the Male

I’ve been so excited over this short story I wrote. Granted I was forced into writing it because of my crit partners who were listening to me bitch via IM about my male that night. But it’s funny how a story can take away the sting and give you some type of closure. Now I look at the story fondly and think that all men should be required to read at least one romance novel a year. At least. Continue reading