What to Write?

xwritersblockThis is the hardest part- figuring out what to write. I’m not back 100% so for me, writing nonfiction is easier than writing fiction. I am seriously considering turning some of my writer workshops into ebooks as I know they’d be fun and easy for me to do, but at the same time, I want to write fiction again. This is the toughest aspect of writing. When to push and when not to push. *sigh* Continue reading

Organization for Writing

il_570xN.693734610_3xmmI spent the weekend of New Years reorganizing. I also spent time getting my writing in order. It was well spent, but it also reminded me that though I’m normally an organized person, I have spent the past year completely a wreck. Unacceptable any longer. I need to make sure I’m back on track. Which is why when my lovely new planner arrives, I’ll be marking that baby up with pretty markers, pens, and stickers. (Notice the bouncing of glee over here. Just ignore the kid reaction, focus on the organizational skills.) Continue reading

Struggles and Writing

cynwritetalkSo I sit here today watching football in a booth with my male and his mom at a regional chain restaurant. It’s a bit liberating and at the same time it’s chaotic. Do I love football? Yes. Am I fanatic? No. But the energy is great. It’s also a great way to help focus your mind on something new and let yourself go in new directions. I needed this. For a while now I’ve been struggling with some writing issues. I go through good and bad moments with my writing. Things have been better but with my work schedule, it’s been so difficult. However, I’ve had some tarot readings that really made me look at things in a new way. Plus, I’ve made some changes at how I look at myself that are helping me view my writing in a new light. Continue reading

COW: How random is random in writing

writer-1-150x150So I’ve been reading craft of writing books lately and I’ve been editing. Mainly, I’ve been reading books on structure and scenes. Reread a couple of my craft books I had on my Nook as well as in print. A few things caught me this time which I hadn’t noticed before. This is what happens when you review regularly– new things catch your eyes and mind, which help your growth as a writer. The thing that stood out is that in real life– random things DO happen. However, in fiction– that’s just not allowed but very rarely. Everything is noted and plotted out beforehand. *puts up hand* Now, before you pansters out there have a hissy fit, even you, who don’t plot, know there must be conflict for your characters to learn, grow, and eventually achieve their goals. Otherwise, it would be the most boring tale known to mankind. Yet, it’s true- we can’t just have them catch a cold because it just happens. It happens because Martha, their cubicle mate was sick with pneumonia, which she caught because her abusive ex-husband was stalking her and chased her outside last week, when our hero helped her out and chased the ex away with a baseball bat, etc. See what I mean? Planned. Not random– it happened just because it did. Blew my mind away– Poof! I had a late night “Come to the Writing Gods” moment with that revelation. Wasn’t pretty.  Continue reading

CoW: Promotion– Or Did You Hear the News?

promoPromotion. If you’re an author — you’re either bouncing happily or you’re cringing in your seat. Me, I’m more than likely doing the latter. It’s not that I hate promoting, it’s just that sometimes promotion and I don’t always go hand in hand. However, with some creativity and dedication, I’m getting learning the art of organization and preparation for how to be more effective at promoting myself and others. Does this mean I promote every day? Not necessarily, and it’s not always a good thing for me to promote daily.  Continue reading