Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara Articles

Since I’ve started doing this series of posts regarding sex and sexuality, I’ve realized that in their own way, these posts are articles to learn more and to enjoy. So, I’ve decided to create a place where you can find the links to all the posts.

If there’s a topic or question on sex and sexuality you’d like answered, please email me at cynnara AT cynnara DOT com with your question.

Sexual Drives- what happens when they’re not compatible?

Anal Play

Orgasms Part 1- The Clit

Orgasms Part 2- Vaginaland

Orgasms Part 3- Orgasms of the Male Kind

Rough Sex

The Fetish Life


What’s Sexy?

Toy Time

Sex Equipment

Mother Nature and Urges

BDSM 101- An Overview

BDSM 101- The Dominant

BDSM 101- The submissive

BDSM 101- The Switch

The Joy of Submission

BDSM 101- Scene