A Little Love and Praise

I don’t often talk about my life outside of writing and being an author. There are reasons for that– most people wouldn’t be interested in that. But I am a football fan. So, I’m watching today in anticipation to see who will be in the Super Bowl. Though I’ve been a Patriot fan for a long time, I’ve lived in Florida for over a decade– so part of me wants the Ravens to win because Ray Lewis is from where I live currently. (Go Ray! Go Ray!) The 49ers have won– and I have many fond memories of them winning when I was younger. I admit, I enjoyed watching Montana and Jerry Rice play. They were just amazing to watch. I love football. I am still a Bears fan– they’re my hometown team– the team I grew up with– the team my core heart holds tight. Baseball–my beloved Cubs. Still adore my Red Sox, but the Cubs will still be number one. There is the belief by some that once they win the World Series, it’ll be the end of the world– I’m on the fence about this one. 

There are many things in my life I love– my dog, my fiance, my family, my friends. I don’t often lavish praise and love on them publicly. I might give them snippets here and there because they’ve done something that just makes my day or makes my life overall easier or better. Like this Yule, my male gave me the new Nook HD+. *grins* I wanted it, but hadn’t asked for it because I had the Nook Color. I didn’t want to seem too greedy. But, let me tell you– it rocks. It rocks so hard I can’t tell you how freaking happy I am to have this newer version. Don’t get me wrong– I LOVED my old Nook Color. Adored it and read many a thousands of books on it. Yet this one– in the month I’ve had it– I’ve already read over 20 books, 20 magazines and I don’t know how many things I’ve looked up online. It’s amazing and the battery life is just fantastic! It’s so much easier to showcase my work too. I’ve made a special shelf to show off all my books. That way, I can show anyone I meet my work. It’s really nice and simple. Love it! 

Shango– my husky and the puppy of my life, I will talk about a lot. He’s normally under my feet, by my side and he’s an integral part of my life. I can’t imagine my daily life without him. He’s even part of my writing life now. As I’ve mentioned before– we walk together and I do my dictation. He gets a bit more exercise– and I get a chance to clear my thoughts and allow my brain to focus on my stories. It’s a new thing that seems to be productive. I’m hoping in time to make this work with my sitting here at my desk. We’ll see how it goes. My plan– to buy the newer version of Dragon next month. Once it’s installed and trained, maybe it’ll make talking and writing easier. That’s my hope. If I can get a wireless headset and do it from my bed– even better. Somehow, sitting away from my computer seems to be easier for my ADD to work with as long as I have my notes to work with. My dog by my side is the only requirement. He normally has to be with me when I write to help me get things working. Go figure. LOL 

My family and friends. Some of my friends are writers– and them- I will brag about and talk about all the time. People like Selena Illyria, Dawn Montgomery, Maggie Nash, Lacey Savage, and others like that. But others, I don’t. There is one who worked on the Dark Shadows movie– he rocks. Some of his work ended up on Once Upon a Time, the show I’m addicted to as well. I’ve tried to explain how awesome it is to him, but he’s not impressed. He loves what he does and to him that’s all that matters. I have cop friends who let me ask questions that would get other people looked at funny. My family puts up with my craziness and loves me anyway. Even my fiance, bless his heart, has been so supportive of me– and in some ways, has stepped into the cheer leading role that was once my mom’s. I have a great friend who helps me with promotion work– who I would be lost without– thank gods for Tuesday Richards.  She rescued me as I worked hard to get a grip on my ADD issues and to make my way back into writing again. She’s also allowing me to have more time to do other things– like considering writing with a partner–something I’ve wanted to do for a while now. Without her help, that wouldn’t have been possible. I adore her and her family for giving me that chance! 

My publishers– Loose Id, Etopia Press, and Changeling Press. They’ve given my books a place to call home. I’m thrilled about that. I hope to get more books to them this year. When I look back– and I’m looking at a decade of being published, thank you, I realize how much I’ve gone through in publishing and how important it is for me to have a publisher I trust and enjoy reading as well. So my big thanks to my publishers. They’ve helped me to become a better author as well as a more discerning reader. Now to finish the two books for LI that I’ve got planned for them. *grins* Then there’s two books for Etopia. There might even be time for another pixie book for Changeling this year. Depends on the time. 

Praise for the reviewers and the chats I’ve been too. Do you know how hard a lot of the review staff at the various forums work? Very hard. I’m so grateful to the staff at TRS, LRC, Coffee Time Romance, and even Savvy Authors. They’ve done a lot to make me comfortable there for chats, learning new things, and helping me to make new friends with people there. I’ve also learned more about the art of writing– especially at Savvy Authors. The things I’ve learned are simply amazing and I’m still putting them into practice! Every review, good or bad, is something to learn from. Every response at a chat is cherished. Readers are people who buy books and people who simply amaze me for the simple fact they’ve given my writing a chance. They have my respect and thanks. 

In five days, it’ll be the fifth year without my mom. I miss her. I owe her a lot of thanks. Because of her, I write romance. Well, my kind of romance stories. I miss her so much. Though I do love my step-mom, she’s not like my mom. My mom and I had a bond over romance books and a love of reading. We talked mysteries, we laughed over funny things, and she never hesitated to call if she crashed the computer. I miss her a lot, especially now that I’m writing again. I think she’d be proud of what I’m writing now. Some of it is more mainstream– a bit more daring. Some of it pushes boundaries in ways that she would argue with me about. But at the same time, she’d smile at me because she’d be making jewelry with me and going, “When will I be in another story?” That’s my mom, always with the last words. That’s what love and praise is all about.  😀