Writing and Aromatherapy

cynwritetalkPeople often wonder what it is I do since I write so many different things and I love doing various things. There is a phrase my friends and family know. “A bored Cyn is a dangerous Cyn.” This is known as a truism in my house. If I’m bored–things can get deadly or very dangerous. I start getting into trouble. Thus, it’s one reason when it was discovered one of my health issues included my slight manic need to know and that I get slightly obsessed in that phase– things started falling into place. My therapist laughed at me and started assigning me homework on various topics in regards to me getting better to help me understand my own condition. Honestly, it really helped. Strange, but there you go. What it also means is when I research- I tend to over-research because I have this intense need to know everything. Some people think it’s weird, but it makes me a quick “expert” in things which is beneficial when it comes to writing. 

What this means is through the years, I’ve amassed a lot of knowledge of various things I’ve indulged in– both physically, emotionally, and learning because I wanted to know about something like gemstones or some other object that caught my eye. (Don’t ask about my fascination about Fabrege eggs. I blame my mom for that. Really, it’s her fault.) Over the years, I’ve learned some things return back to my attention over and over because they’re not only something I enjoy, but they’re healthy indulgences to my system without causing problems in the long run. Like my joy in essential oils and aromatherapy.

essential-OilI learned about essential oils when my kids were younger but put it aside when other things were being dealt with and moved onward. Yet, in the back of my mind, it always stuck there always lingering.

Scents have always been important to me and I’ve always known some essential oils have helped me through the years with various things. One main scent that’s always calmed me down and centered me is peppermint. For many, it’s a stimulant. For me, it’s a focus yet relaxing scent. I smell peppermint and my body just zones out and relaxes immediately. Lavender does nothing for me like it does for others. It’s an ongoing joke for friends of mine.

So this year, my focus returned to aromatherapy to help in multiple things. That’s Essential_Oilswhat I’ve been doing on the side. The wonderful benefit is that not only is it helping my health, but it’s also refreshing my writing as well. I’ve been playing with recipes for use in my writing. Crazy, but true. I love it. I’ve been making some easy bath salts to ease arthritis pain and to just enjoy for pleasure which just make me smile whenever I use them or when I give them as gifts.

Which relates to my writing. When I came back from vacation, I started writing a new story. I started with my mermaid story but stopped because this other story started crowding my mind. I’m okay with it because this story just makes me smile and sigh with anticipation. It’s one of those stories where you think of sexy nights, impossible dreams come true, and where you reach out for something only you can see. That’s what this new scent I’ve been working on has been helping me keep in mind. I call it Mystical You. It’s got a hint of bergamot, vanilla, benzoin, patcholi, and cedarwood with just a touch of basil. It’s not your average scent and I like it. Definitely reminds me of this story and I can’t wait to share some with you once I have more written. I’m such a tease!

What would you do if you learned your father wasn’t your real father? When Katja’s biological father dies, leaving her his entire fortune and his charitable foundation, her world is completely turned inside out. Learning her way in the spotlight isn’t easy for a woman who grew up middle class, especially when sexy Garrett Williamson, top movie star has taken a fancy for her. How does she know he’s not playing her? Maybe all he wants is her money? But Garrett knew her real father and spent many hours hearing all about Katja. Now, he wants to make sure this woman truly is best for the charity foundation he is partner in. What he doesn’t count on is the fact he is falling for her as much as she’s running away from him and the paparazzi around them.