I received a rejection this week from publisher I really would like to work with. In fact, I was on the borderline of wondering– would this be my way in or be a rejection–and I was prepared either way. But this rejection didn’t hurt. In fact, this rejection made my day. Why? This rejection made mention of my writing talents, the parts of the story they liked, the parts they thought needed more work. And most importantly, they were rejecting it too because the story wouldn’t sell as well within their publishing area. For me, that was the big thing. The other things could be worked on, but they were honest with me and with themselves to know that the story itself wouldn’t be a huge seller for either of us and informed me of that because it really honestly, didn’t fit with their lines. 

It’s one of the best rejection letters I’ve received since I started writing professionally in 2001. In fact, I think of all the other rejection letters I’ve received, it goes in the top three. They took the time to tell me what was liked, what they knew about me as a published author, and that the topic wouldn’t sell well. So, though it stung because rejections are never fun– it was one that didn’t hurt. In fact, it increased my desire even more to write something that will fit all aspects of their publishing company.

Now, I spent about 2 hours bemoaning the rejection. Why? Because I like the story I wrote, even though it doesn’t quite fit the publisher in question. So, I’m thinking on where it’ll be submitted to next and what publishers might find it a better fit. Other than that, I was giggling and damn happy about them wanting to see something else from me. So, on that note, I’m getting writing. I’ve got a couple of stories that might do well with them– once they’re done and edited.