Recovering from this surgery is like being a pro athlete. You seem to heal fast, but what you don’t understand until you start back on the normal daily activities is that you have no stamina. None. Zilch.

Why? I think it has something to do with healing and that your body is trying its best to get you through the workday. Every night for the past three weeks, I’ve been ready for bed at 8pm. That’s not me normally. I’m usually the 11pm bedtime baby. However, with trying to get back to walking 2-3 miles a day during regular activities and walking my husky, I’m discovering that my remarkably fast recovery hid a darker side– that of exhaustion.

I spend every day tired. I’ve been writing in long hand because I can’t get the energy up to sit more than 20 minutes before I’m ready to fall asleep. I’ve been struggling to even keep up at my games– if that tells you anything! *gasp*

But I am making progress. I’m closing in on the last 10k of Pirate Queen’s Conquest and honestly, it looks better than it did when I started the story. I’m reworking Beg into World Series of Love: Beg– and I’m really proud of it! Plus, I’m finding a story for Changeling I had hiding in my long lost stories and I’m wondering with a bit of twisting and changing, if possible I can get it done sooner than later. I’m just saying.

So what are you doing that’s pushing the envelope this summer? Me? I’m trying to get walking one mile without stopping and without my feet trying to kill me in the process. I’m also trying to get writing 4 days a week at least 3 pages each day. It’s something with my ADD I need to strive for and I’ve decided that today was day one of buckling down on it. I worked on my nonfiction book today because I needed it– and I hand wrote 5 pages. Go me!