…with my heroes. That’s right, I don’t fall in love with them. I fall in major lust, but to my heroes, I’m their best friend and I’m the one who will find them their soulmates. I might like a couple of nights of deep hot sex with them, but overall– they’re my buddies who need to have love and contentment.

My heroes are special to me. Though I might be more like the heroines in my books, there’s something about my heroes that make it easier to slide into their thinking and point of view. I’m not quite sure what it is, but for me, it’s easier to look into the mind of the male and see what he needs and what he’s about. Part of it stems because I don’t always want to face my own demons in the heroines I write about.

What about you? Do you fall in love with your heroes that you write? What makes you fall for heroes? Let me know, perhaps there’s something I’m missing out on.